Sometimes I use terms that probably no one else except my equally nail polish crazy friends know, so I decided to include them here for your ease :) I'll put more in when I notice I use them!

Andrea - a manicure style that includes an accent on the ring finger. Andrea was my friend and she was the first person I've seen with an accent nail and that was back in 2009 and I started doing it back then too (yeah before it was a big trend! bam!)

Flooding - when the nailpolish pools at the base (by cuticles) when I'm too retarded to control it

Lady Diana - a manicure style that includes accents on the ring and middle fingers. Diana is crazier than I am regarding nail polish and she usually does this style so I've dubbed it the Lady Diana manicure since I started copying her haha.

NPA - nail polish addict

VNL - visible nail line; when using sheer or jelly or lighter colours you can see the white part of the nail and thus a nail line. I have a naturally dark and emphasize nail line so you can usually see it.

WOC - Women of Colour. I am East Indian and I'm a bit darker than most from North India. I was trying to see what I could describe my skin like. Here I thought I was medium but when you look online there's medium white people and medium non-white people. So apparently medium to people is like Lindsay Lohan. Think of like Deepika Padukone - about that colour.

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