WOC Nude Series: essie ladylike

essie ladylike
my post-nail-rip thumb
Well, I'm done school thank god! And I did pretty kick-ass. Now I'm just going to be working over the summer hopefully to pay for rent and save a bit for tuition. Good old University life, eh? Other than that, I really hope to be posting more now in summer that I am near my good camera AND the lighting sitch is drastically better. Ironic, I didn't put on my darks in winter much now I'm just like, gimme all the dark maroons please.

BUT, my friend lent me this polish and I was real happy she did because I keep debating on whether spending the $8 is worth it or not (now that my income has changed to, well, nothing HAHA). I gotta say I think it's worth it. ladylike will make you feel like a fucking lady.

Also - I didn't intentionally do this as a post for the nude series but as I was looking at it, it actually is a good nude. Lemme tell you though, I was helping someone move into their place and I built a bunch of furniture (table, chairs, bed, sofa etc) after I did my mani. Funnily enough, I was checking every couple hours to see if I had sustained any major chips. I'm happy to report this paint job lasted through that! DEFZ worth the $8.
What I liked about this polish:
The colour is fantastic. I saw someone else I know where it and it looked amazing on her. She's very similar to my skin tone and it did look a bit browner on her so I expected that on me. But once I saw the mauve-y vibe of this, I was VERY happy because damn - I think it looks so fucking nice!! Very office friendly too!
I also liked the fact it self-levels. When I did my first coat I was nervous because it wasn't coming on even but true to essie form, it self-levelled and looked VERY smooth. Like peanut butter. That I could've just licked off my nails. K it's lunch time, I'm hungry haha.

Things you should know about it:
The colour will change depending on the colour of your skin and the tones you have. On me it leans mauve, and on my lighter friend it leaned taupe. Sometimes the job stays tacky for a while so a quick dry topcoat can help preventing bed lines/nicks.

What I didn't like about this polish:
To tell you the truth, it was pretty damn good. My essies tend to dry in the bottle quick (goopy brushes) but take a while to completely cement on the nail.

WOC Friendly?
Absolutely. ABSOFUCKINLUTELY. I borrowed this from my Egyptian friend and on her it appeared more taupe and brown. My skin tone brought out the purple undertones in the nailpolish so I do think this one would likely be........ universally flattering.

Everywhere that sells essie as it's part of the main line. In Canada, Shoppers and London Drugs sells it at a higher price point, $12. Superstore generally has it on for $8.

I have on 2 coats of OPI Original Nail Envy, then a single coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. I have on two coats of essie ladylike and a single coat of Orly's In a Snap quick dry.
essie ladylike
indoors, direct sunlight
I hate how this camera makes my skin tone look... well just freaking weird. Like I'm uber smooth and pigmented lol.

essie ladylike
indoors, indirect sunlight, no additional lighting
And then it makes me look ashy as fuck. GRRRRRR. Y'all like my door mat? Y'all like that chipped thumb nail tho? Took a month for it to look decent... well I hope it's decent because it's got a huge rip in it.

essie ladylike
indoors, different angle, direct sunlight
See! Weird brown. I don't think I look like that... right? Hey Jimmy, do I look like that?

essie ladylike
indoors, indirect lighting, no additional lighting
Ashy brown. But this pic also was super light but I just wanted to give a variety.

essie ladylike
indoors, indirect lighting, no additional lighting
I changed the place to my living room. The blue exercise ball is cameo-ing in this shot. The next pic shows how it leans a bit more brown but I think that may be because it's right by the bottle?

essie ladylike
indoors, indirect lighting, no additional lighting
So by the way, forgot to take a bottle shot but I also ended up snapping my middle nail on the car door handle. NOT IMPRESSED. AT ALL. I JUST FINISHED REHABBING THAT NAIL TOO. So you will not suffer because I don't want to file my other ones down. Plus I had torn the thumb nail right across the nail bed and had to wait a month for it to grow out to where I could file it down. So I'm over it.

essie ladylike
And there's the bottle top! See, not capitalized. 

Thanks for reading - what are your go to browns that are weird chameleons that can also lean to purple or pink? I always read the comments :)

peace n love

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