WOC Nude Series: essie ladylike

essie ladylike
my post-nail-rip thumb
Well, I'm done school thank god! And I did pretty kick-ass. Now I'm just going to be working over the summer hopefully to pay for rent and save a bit for tuition. Good old University life, eh? Other than that, I really hope to be posting more now in summer that I am near my good camera AND the lighting sitch is drastically better. Ironic, I didn't put on my darks in winter much now I'm just like, gimme all the dark maroons please.

BUT, my friend lent me this polish and I was real happy she did because I keep debating on whether spending the $8 is worth it or not (now that my income has changed to, well, nothing HAHA). I gotta say I think it's worth it. ladylike will make you feel like a fucking lady.

Also - I didn't intentionally do this as a post for the nude series but as I was looking at it, it actually is a good nude. Lemme tell you though, I was helping someone move into their place and I built a bunch of furniture (table, chairs, bed, sofa etc) after I did my mani. Funnily enough, I was checking every couple hours to see if I had sustained any major chips. I'm happy to report this paint job lasted through that! DEFZ worth the $8.