WOC Nude Series: OPI Hopelessly In Love

OPI Hopelessly In Love
direct sunlight, three coats
Here is another post that I have been sitting on. It's part of my WOC nude series, which are reviews of nail polishes that I think could constitute as a nude polish for women of colour. I don't think I have anymore of these sitting in the vault so I will have to do a bunch of swatches in the summer of more nudes to show you what they look like.

I know it can be a bit of a struggle to find nice nudes if you have dark skin. First of all, most bloggers have light/fair skin and then almost all the swatches you search for in google are white. So it's hard to know if buying that one colour is going to work for you. I think I've also bought so many polishes that I've just accepted that idgaf about what the colour will look like on me. If I really hate it, I'll trash it. Or I'll use one of those OPI sheer tints topcoats and give it a different colour.

That being said, I love this colour. I really do - I left it at home though because I couldn't bring all my nudes with me. And you know what, I love the name of the colour too. I think it's very fitting and definitely could be used as a bride. OPI describes it as "A pink as true as true love" awww. How cute.

What I liked about this polish:
The colour. My oh my, I luhhhhh the colour. I mean, I am a sucker for these types of shades but I remember putting this one on the first coat and being like… "oh, that's not nice" However, after I built it up a bit I could see the beauty of it.
With each layer, it just got better and bettttttter. I thought it was going to be very sheer but I saw at the end it was pretty much opaque. If you don't mind VNL peeking through (if that's the look you are going for) then using less coats will totally work.
It didn't flood much for me, I think it was more of controlling the application well. As you know, I love the OPI brushes so if you work with OPI you'll get a smooth application if you're careful.
Bottom line, it's subtle, gorgeous, soft with a nice crelly formula- mostly what I look for in a nude polish. It worked extremely well with my skin tone.

Things you should know about it:
It does come on thin and light but you CAN build it up. It's generally a sheer polish, with a jelly like formula but can be worked to opaque.
On first coat, you tend to get streaks and it will go into the ridges of your nail because of it's watery like formula. However, you can easily even it out with more coats. So if you intend to do one coat as a base for your French mani's, just be very careful with your hand.
The swatches I saw online are very pink-leaning - I'm not sure if it was my camera or my skin tone, but it didn't appear THAT pink on me.

What I didn't like about this polish:
To be honest, I really did like the polish. It's got more of a pink vibe than it does coral or white or ivory. It looked good. Just had to be a little careful in between coats to make sure they were dry and won't bubble.

WOC Friendly?
Hell to the yes!!!! It's GORGEOUS. I first saw it on my filipina friend and I thought it looked great on her. For reference, she was lighter skinned with a yellow-y undertone. I think this shade would work on many different people, from like NC15 to NC45. I think if you enjoy the nudes that lean pink then this is definitely for you.

I am more than positive this is part of the OPI soft shades collection so you should be able to buy this polish at any store that has an OPI rack. I bought this at my wholesale place a few years ago so I purchased it for only $6. It is available at NailPolishCanada for $9.95.

I decided to show pictures of different coats so you could get an idea. I started with OPI Nail Envy original as my base, and used no topcoat.

OPI Hopelessly In Love
Indoors, direct sunlight
 As you can see at 1 coat there was some streakiness happening in places where the polish collected (especially near the VNL).

OPI Hopelessly In Love
indoors, direct sunlight
 The polish doesn't look bad at one coat though, in my opinion. If you're going for that look then it's great. Just need to be careful with your hand.

OPI Hopelessly In Love
outdoors, direct sunlight, 3 coats
 This is much more of what it looks like, and this should be 3 coats of the polish. I was debating whether putting on a fourth but I used thicker layers so it worked.

OPI Hopelessly In Love
indoors, "shade shot," no direct light but room was in sunlight
It's a very subtle and gorgeous polish. It looks natural and neutral without a weird chalkiness some nail polishes give. This is what it looked like IRL during the day - so nice!

OPI Hopelessly In Love
outdoors, direct sunlight
You can see the VNL peeking through like a TINY bit… butttttttttttttt honestly, you can't see it as bluntly IRL - especially if you're not looking for it.

OPI Hopelessly In Love
outdoors, direct sunlight
And for some reason I peeled the bottom… this must've been one of my first polishes lol.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any favourite nudes that I should take a look at it?? Mention down below!

peace n love

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