QUICKIE: Old Trend Bridal

This is going to be my quickie post, just a simple picture of the mani and a few details of the polishes. I found this one lying in the vault for instagram but never did create a nail instagram so now I have all these single shots of mani's. Hope you don't mind!

So back when it was fresh to do the one finger a different colour aka the "Andrea manicure" on this blog, I loved playing around with the colours and how they complimented one another. It was a great way to use more polishes in one manicure. The one I'm showing you today was a mani I did using two of my favourite colours in the 'bridal' realm.

It's soft, it's sweet, it's glam. I really liked this look and the feel. The two polishes I used were:

1) Essie beyond cozy 
- Ring finger.
- Probably my first and most favourite Essie colour I've had. It was a LE I think, part of the Christmas collection and I barely use it because I adore it that much.
- The colour is silver with a warm golden tone to it; I know that sounds counterintuitive but there's a champagne warmth to the silver polish which makes it so much more flattering on my darker (golden undertoned) skin.
- The glitter IIRC is also easy to remove and provided no fuss

2) Zoya Buffy
- Rest of the fingers.
- I'll be honest, I bought it because of the name only. I never really looked at swatches prior to but it seemed to be a colour I would like and I'm obsessed with Buffy Summers so why not
- The polish is SMOOTH like BUTTAH. I loved it. It worked so well with my skin tone too.
- It also went on great, within a couple coats I had opacity and it's definitely one I could see a bride wearing by itself.
- It has a natural champagne to it, a very soft polish that ended up working extremely well with the Essie polish; it played up the champagne undertones in beyond cozy even more.

Do you love it as much as me, or is it just meh?

peace n love

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