ART: Expensive Pink Chocolate [VAULT]

ORLY Pink Chocolate
like, don't you love?
So basically I'm too lazy to do a "real" post on this nail look that I did a looooooooooonnngggg time ago. But only because I have 3 different nail polishes on and I wouldn't really know which one to "review." I mean, in a quick sense all of them are pretty good but each one has something different to offer so I didn't want to run down each one or have to pick one. So that's why I used my nail art template to do this one hahaha, whoopz.

I just called it expensive pink because that interplay of gold and pink reminds me of the MAC eyeshadow Expensive Pink (and also, A England nail polishes ain't cheap yo).

So this is from WAY BACK. At least the camera quality is a step up from the last post but this as before I had dSLR (which I don't have anymore) so it's still kinda shoddy. When I say way back, I mean August of 2013!!! I figure I might as well post it. I actually think I have an even older post that needs to be done from 2012 hahaha - I'll do that one next.

Anyways on to the mani!

Polishes Used:
Orly Pink Chocolate - will probz review this later
Orly Fifty Four
A England She Walks in Beauty
[OPI Nail Envy as base]

How I did it:
Very simple, used 2 coats of Pink Chocolate on every nail except the ring finger.
I put two coats of Fifty Four on top of the Pink Chocolate to create a subtle glitter effect.
On the ring finger, I have two coats of She Walks in Beauty.

Did it eat my time/was frustrating?
It didn't eat my time, but the fact that Fifty Four barely shows up was very frustrating. I know it's a nude-y french-y type of polish but the shimmer was so subtle it was almost pointless. I remember doing two coats, but I can't remember if I went so far as to do three… I could have easily done this mani without that added step and wait time.

I'm pretty sure these are taken with my regular powershot - I used flash so I added that info in the caption of the shots. I really do love this combination - I think I would like to do a tape mani with these or something...

ORLY Pink Chocolate
Outdoors, overcast natural lighting
 Orly's Pink Chocolate is probably one my most favourite Orly polishes. A close second would be Coffee Break (that one is like LASplash Cosmetics Ghoulish, but for nails)! Honestly, it's the most complimentary type of pink for darker skinned women. So office appropriate and can work with any age, young or mature.

ORLY Pink Chocolate
indoors, flash
 You can see the subtle shimmer on the Pink Chocolate from Fifty Four, but as you can see it barely added much to the overall effect.

ORLY Pink Chocolate
indoors, no direct lighting (the light is natural overcast in the room)
 I'm in love with the pinky brown colour. Like, LOVE.

ORLY Pink Chocolate
indoors, flash
The A England polish loses some of it's romantic appeal under flash but in person I believe it to be quite beautiful.

ORLY Pink Chocolate
outdoors, no flash, natural overcast lighting
Overall, I liked this mani. I don't do the Andrea manicure anymore since (warning, hipster comment approacheth) everyone does it now and the originality and novelty of it is gone. Now it's just a cliche trend to me.

ORLY Pink Chocolate
outdoors, no flash, natural overcast lighting
I really like She Walks in Beauty, I think it was so subtle and just pretty. However, A England nail polishes are a bit pricier (but in my opinion, WORTH IT). The dupe for She Walks in Beauty was Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Big Money - the A England is better in quality and colour composition but if you like it you might be able to find a cheap dupe here in Canada.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about this polish!

peace n love


  1. ohhh me likey - can you do a review on black/dark colors?

    1. Sure! I have a couple of posts in the queue so when I can am home I will swatch the blacks, navy, and maroons I have!


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