OPI DS Reserve (vault post)

OPI DS Reserve
indoors, no direct light, softest version of this
FROM THE VAULT: Pink and I have an interesting relationship. I used to hate it because I felt the colour itself pigeon-holed girls/women into a stereotype... super girly, kinda ditzy, very superficial, very princessy etc. It's a colour that means more than it should. I for one am all for men wearing pink. In fact, I find it pretty sexy to see a guy at a reception rocking a pink shirt with a grey suit. So I don't usually go for pink. Lately, because of it's subtle-ness and warmth, I've been attracted to sheer light pinks and the boldness of hot pinks (with warm undertones). But this is one of the those pink polishes that ended up surprising me and renewing my feelings towards this kind of pink. I'm not a fan of the bubblegum or barbie pinks (this isn't that). I like the mauves with pink leanings or that "rose" colour (this also isn't that). It's more of a warm toned, medium pink, that's filled with holographic glitter that looks like flecked glass/holographic flecks to a lazy eye.

I really wanted to pick up a couple others but I don't think it's smart for me to be buying super expensive nail polish at the moment since I'm only down to one job. When I had my second job, it was a bit easier to splurge because my paycheck from retail was my fun-money… but alas.

Out of the Designer Series I only own a few:
DS Luxurious
DS Reflection
DS Reserve

I'm happy with the three I have and maybe I'll even do a comparison between oranges with the DS Luxurious! Keep reading for my thoughts and pics...
What I liked about this polish:
Man. I paid a lot for it but just wow. It's a warm medium pink filled with holographic glitter akin to an A England polish. Not to sound too conceited... but I think the colour on me is amazing. At first from the swatches it looked a bit dusty but I think that's how the light plays with it when taking pictures, so I was hesitant to give in. But when I did, I was supremely happy that it worked out on me. It's a great lively pink that would compliment many suits (as this kind of pink is pretty common to find in suits, especially in more traditional pink bridal lengha's). Like others from this line, the holograhic bits add a lively lit-from-within quality that I adore.

Things you should know about it:
Despite all the beauty it harnesses, it has some problems that I usually associate with other holographic nail polishes. One coat will definitely give you coverage if you have shorter nails or a low contrast VNL. I needed two because you could see my VNL. The formula was a good consistency but tends to run down the brush and if you're not careful a huge blog can end up on your nail and flood your cuticles. But the main problem I had was with balding. I have really uneven nails on my thumbs & L pinky... it ended up balding over the bumps

What I didn't like about this polish:
These guys are expensive. I was lucky enough to get this one at the wholesale place as opposed to in store. It cost me only around $8 CAD. I bought another one of these at retail though and that $17 is hard to swallow!

WOC Friendly?
Absolutely. I'd even recommend it for women who are into pinks and warm tones. It isn't subtle but it also isn't distracting so it'd be a beautiful pick-me-up in between your regular office polishes.

Either online at nailpolishcanada.com (~$17) or in store at salons such as Chatters. The price will depend because sometimes (rarely) they get included in deals.

I have no basecoat (which might have led to the drag issue). I have on 2 coats of DS Reserve and a single coat of Orly's In A Snap quick dry topcoat.

OPI DS Reserve
indoors, natural daylight
It's a gorgeous colour init?

OPI DS Reserve
indoors, natural daylight

OPI DS Reserve
indoors, no direct light, "shade" shot
You can see here it's not a completely dusty pink, and it's not a bubblegum pink either, it's got a really nice tone to it and seems so sleek

OPI DS Reserve
I don't think there's gold in the polish... I think that's the outside effect of the linear holographic. It's the yellow. But correct me if I'm wrong, maybe there is gold flecks running throughout the polish that my untrained eye can't see.

OPI DS Reserve
outdoors, natural daylight
Either way, the holographic bits REALLY help this polish out.

OPI DS Reserve
I think this is my favourite shot of the nail polish most because you can really see the holographic shimmer.

OPI DS Reserve
I shall never peel!!!!!!!!!

thanks for looking, let me know how you would classify this pink I know I had trouble!

peace n love

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