Nail Art: Pinkurple Texture Mani

So this will be a fancy little surprise for anyone who reads my blog lol, welcome back? BRING ON 201555555555555555555555555555555!!! Nah who knows how often I'll post (probably not in a long time, these things take forever to post!).

So I have moved to another city in the same province for school. And out of my 400 something nail polishes I ended up bringing up about 100 of them up because man they're a pain to move. I was so paranoid they were going to break :O that would be a DISASTER. So I came with optimism (and I'm a bit salty about it). Here I thought I'd have time to do my nails but nope, I've been pretty focused on school and now I paint my nails pretty much biweekly and from September to October I don't think I painted them… wow.

I bought all this striping tape with me off Amazon up to my new place but damn, I have YET to use it and it's almost been 8 months since I got it!!! I've been uninspired -___- so I finally thought, I've done enough homework today that I can do my nails and then post it, woooooo #getitgirl

So here it is… it's super simple, but I actually love the colour combination. Enjoy!!

Polishes Used:
OPI Alcatraz… Rocks
Essie in stitches
Seche Vite
OPI Nail Envy (original)

How I did it:
I painted my nails a week ago in the Essie in stitches, I ended up using 2 layers of Nail Envy as my base coat, because this polish doesn't stain I didn't bother with the actual base coat. I put on two coats of in stitches and topped it off with a real old ass goopy bottle of Seche Vite that I can't wait to replace.

As you know if you've read my blog I love to recycle manicures because I can't be bothered with taking off nail polish. Another advantage is because I start light and recycle with a darker colour on top, I can avoid most staining from the darker colours. But depending on what's underneath you can change your tone of the darker nail polish.

Anyways, so I had my nails already painted and dried from a week ago.
Then I cut up the striping tape I had on hand into about 3-3.5 cm long strips (you can stick to an inch).
I laid them down in the pattern I thought would look decent. * reminder to push down on the edges bc they tend to not stick down.
I re-push the tape down before I paint each nail.
Then I used the Alcatraz… Rocks on top and waited a few seconds.
I removed the tape (pulling up from the outside edges toward the nail). I didn't use a top coat because the Alcatraz… Rocks is a liquid sand polish!

this is the tape I've been using. I actually used a tiny piece on a nude mani because it seemed cool but I never put down a topcoat to seal it in so it went somewhere… just don't know where. The tape itself seems shady bc sometimes it thins out for no reason so double check your tape to make sure width is consistent!

Did it eat my time/was frustrating?
Not at all. What REALLY cut down my time was the fact I was recycling a manicure; I didn't have to wait for the base polish to dry or anything so it was real easy. In fact, I prefer this method because then you save time in the long run. It's not frustrating but you've got to be careful and diligent with the tape otherwise it can get real annoying real fast. I've seen blogs that use tweezers to lay down the tape and peel, but my design was simple enough I didn't have to.

indoors, natural light, overcast sky
Yes, the pinky is just Alcatraz… Rocks by itself because after I put it on, I realized I could do a tape mani with these two colours. I really liked the way they played off one another. The base of in stitches adds some more warmth to the OPI.

indoors, candle light, flash used
why does my hand look like that. This is probably the best picture of the way the colours work together.

indoors, natural light, overcast sky
I legit had to "retouch" my photos because my cuticles are a damn mess. I went back looking at some old pics and I was like how did I maintain them?!?!?! SCHOOL NO BUENO FOR DAS NAILZ

indoors (but further from light), natural light, overcast sky

Essie - this polish is probably one of my favourites from Essie because it's opaque and you can get full coverage in two coats. Super self levelling, like most Essie polishes. Great feminine colour, reminds me of a dusty rose. Looks fucking nice against my skin tone imho

I like the fact I don't have to peel the labels on these, I just hate the brushes.

This polish is actually really nice. I'm a huge fan of liquid sands, I love the feeling of the highly texturized polish - it's kind of soothing???? Is that weird. Yeah probz. It's a nice purple but it's got a lot of hints of other colours in there. From the San Fran collection in '13

the candle in the back is from Bath and Body Works/White Barn: Japanese Cherry Blossom. I have the Peach Bellini one but I find the scent of that one is very overpowering. This one is a welcome change, not too strong but just subtle enough to add floral hints to your room. Dude, I've been getting into candles. I have a bunch I need to burn through… #candleproblems

Super thanks to you for reading my bullshit, hope you liked the pattern and colour combination!

peace n love

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