China Glaze Jamaican Out (vault post)

China Glaze Jamaican OutFrom the vault: I was at Sally's one day and I had recently signed up for their beauty card. So as I was perusing the shelves for hair brushes (lets be real here, I went for hair brushes but knew I'd walk out with nail polish) I ended up "innocently" walking towards the China Glaze display because it actually looked stocked for once.

My eyes were immediately drawn to Jamaican Out. It looked like a red-orange in the bottle and seemed really bold and sexy. So I picked it up and flicked it around in the light and decided to buy it (along with another polish that was a complete fucking dud). When I got home I did a quick swatch on a white box and was so excited to try it.

So…….. fast forward about two months later and I still hadn't tried it LOL. So one day I brought it to work with me to show a coworker how I apply my nail polish. Turns out another wanted to try it on and I jumped at the chance, so we decided to make it an office mani day :P Sometimes I wish my day job was to swatch nail polishes and give people manicures. But I go through cycles of loving and hating it so that wouldn't be a very steady career. ANYWAYS, so I had the opportunity to slap it on and i instantly fell in love. There is no better feeling than a polish living up to your own expectations. Read on for pics and details about it...
What I liked about this polish:
The colour on this is absolutely gorgeous. It's very unique. It's also hard to describe because it can lean red or orange, or even in some angles a hot red-orange coral that leans ever so tiny-ily on the pink side. I read on another blog that this polish was nothing special - all I know is that I kept looking at it once I had it on and so did my coworker. It's not hoochie like I thought it'd be but it's really a standout for me. Of course, I love anything coral-y.

Things you should know about it:
I didn't have topcoat on when I put this on at the office, but I did have a layer of base coat on so I expected it to last. But by the end of the day I had some tip wear which I normally don't experience. I recommend wrapping the tips on this one (esp if you don't normally, like me) to just help it last longer as well as use a topcoat.

What I didn't like about this polish:
Asides the fact it chipped within a day, it was a pretty good polish. A good basecoat and topcoat will make it last longer. I also got some bubbles on my thumb - I never get bubbles.... not sure if this was because I didnt' wait long enough or if that was a problem with the polish. I also have brushstrokes - they aren't terribly visible but for some reason I found this polish enhanced the bumps in my natural nails so a ridge-filling base might be useful. I think the fact it's fussy is the only thing I don't like.

WOC Friendly?
I put this colour on me and my coworker (who is Chinese) and it looked different yet great on both of us. On me it looked really bold and jewel-toned, and on her it had this really elegant and refined look to it - a softer jewel-tone. It's really beautiful on both of us so it's definitely WOC friendly!

It was from the Caribbean Temptations collection released by China Glaze - I got mine at a local Sally's Beauty Supply for $6.95 CAD I believe.

I had a hard time capturing this colour, my dSLR was acting really weird and would continuously go blurry rather than focus.

China Glaze Jamaican Out
indoors, direct sunlight

China Glaze Jamaican Out
I used a thin first layer, and a medium second layer. I didn't want to put it on too thick because I was at work and had stuff to do lol.

China Glaze Jamaican Out
indoors, direct sunlight

China Glaze Jamaican Out
Here's a picture in the shade (indoors, away from direct light) - you can see the way the gold shimmer is subdued but still there… It doesn't have that "lit from within" quality like other polishes but it does walk the fine line on that.

China Glaze Jamaican Out
This is probably my most favourite shot… damn it's just so beautiful! I want to say it's like a candy colour but it is so much classier than that.

China Glaze Jamaican Out
Here's another shade shot, shows the vibrancy of the orange in it, but it generally did not look like this.

China Glaze Jamaican Out
Upon the first thin layer I noticed that it was kind of pink (almost like a magenta type of pink). I expected it to have an orange base or a red base just from the bottle but I think that's why it's hard to describe the colour accurately... it's like a coral that leans kinda pink-red?

China Glaze Jamaican Out
You can see the gold shimmer throughout the bottle.

China Glaze Jamaican Out
I miss the way my nails look!!!! I think this is a great colour, I don't know if I have any dupes though. 

peace n love

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