OPI DS Reserve (vault post)

OPI DS Reserve
indoors, no direct light, softest version of this
FROM THE VAULT: Pink and I have an interesting relationship. I used to hate it because I felt the colour itself pigeon-holed girls/women into a stereotype... super girly, kinda ditzy, very superficial, very princessy etc. It's a colour that means more than it should. I for one am all for men wearing pink. In fact, I find it pretty sexy to see a guy at a reception rocking a pink shirt with a grey suit. So I don't usually go for pink. Lately, because of it's subtle-ness and warmth, I've been attracted to sheer light pinks and the boldness of hot pinks (with warm undertones). But this is one of the those pink polishes that ended up surprising me and renewing my feelings towards this kind of pink. I'm not a fan of the bubblegum or barbie pinks (this isn't that). I like the mauves with pink leanings or that "rose" colour (this also isn't that). It's more of a warm toned, medium pink, that's filled with holographic glitter that looks like flecked glass/holographic flecks to a lazy eye.

I really wanted to pick up a couple others but I don't think it's smart for me to be buying super expensive nail polish at the moment since I'm only down to one job. When I had my second job, it was a bit easier to splurge because my paycheck from retail was my fun-money… but alas.

Out of the Designer Series I only own a few:
DS Luxurious
DS Reflection
DS Reserve

I'm happy with the three I have and maybe I'll even do a comparison between oranges with the DS Luxurious! Keep reading for my thoughts and pics...


China Glaze Jamaican Out (vault post)

China Glaze Jamaican OutFrom the vault: I was at Sally's one day and I had recently signed up for their beauty card. So as I was perusing the shelves for hair brushes (lets be real here, I went for hair brushes but knew I'd walk out with nail polish) I ended up "innocently" walking towards the China Glaze display because it actually looked stocked for once.

My eyes were immediately drawn to Jamaican Out. It looked like a red-orange in the bottle and seemed really bold and sexy. So I picked it up and flicked it around in the light and decided to buy it (along with another polish that was a complete fucking dud). When I got home I did a quick swatch on a white box and was so excited to try it.

So…….. fast forward about two months later and I still hadn't tried it LOL. So one day I brought it to work with me to show a coworker how I apply my nail polish. Turns out another wanted to try it on and I jumped at the chance, so we decided to make it an office mani day :P Sometimes I wish my day job was to swatch nail polishes and give people manicures. But I go through cycles of loving and hating it so that wouldn't be a very steady career. ANYWAYS, so I had the opportunity to slap it on and i instantly fell in love. There is no better feeling than a polish living up to your own expectations. Read on for pics and details about it...


Nail Art: Pinkurple Texture Mani

So this will be a fancy little surprise for anyone who reads my blog lol, welcome back? BRING ON 201555555555555555555555555555555!!! Nah who knows how often I'll post (probably not in a long time, these things take forever to post!).

So I have moved to another city in the same province for school. And out of my 400 something nail polishes I ended up bringing up about 100 of them up because man they're a pain to move. I was so paranoid they were going to break :O that would be a DISASTER. So I came with optimism (and I'm a bit salty about it). Here I thought I'd have time to do my nails but nope, I've been pretty focused on school and now I paint my nails pretty much biweekly and from September to October I don't think I painted them… wow.

I bought all this striping tape with me off Amazon up to my new place but damn, I have YET to use it and it's almost been 8 months since I got it!!! I've been uninspired -___- so I finally thought, I've done enough homework today that I can do my nails and then post it, woooooo #getitgirl

So here it is… it's super simple, but I actually love the colour combination. Enjoy!!