WOC Nude Series: China Glaze Golden Spurs

China Glaze Golden Spurs swatch
China Glaze Golden Spurs in direct sunlight
So I took this swatch a while ago, I'm talking months. I think I didn't like my nail shape or something that I was hoping to update it. But alas, my nails are fuckin disGUSting right now so I didn't do it. Oops. Nah I don't really care (which is a lie, I do care, otherwise I would've posted by now). I figure I might as well go back digging and post something to show I am alive.

I've updated my collection catalogue as well so all my nail polishes are there. I'm going to actually take some pictures and talk nail storage as well in another post. Maybe I'll do it this weekend with my shitty camera.

So anyways, I picked up Golden Spurs years ago and I hadn't worn it since I decided to swatch this haha. It's an interesting colour, I think some people will either love or hate it. Not too sure… but keep reading to see what you think of it :)
What I liked about this polish: 
I am a fan of the golden shimmer that's present in this nail polish, it really gives the otherwise dull colour some life. I would venture out and say that this is a unique colour (at least in my collection). It reminds me of caramel or butterscotch and really, it is a GREAT neutral. I'd say it's a warm toned brown with gold microshimmer in it. The biggest plus for me was that it dried fast.

Things you should know about it: 
It's thin. When applying this (and nail polishes like it), I tilt my nail downwards and apply because it prevents pooling. I had some pooling happen when I had my hand flat on the table but after I tilted them it went away.

What I didn't like about this polish: 
The formula is quite thin and if you apply it haphazardly it might drag (I fixed that on the nail I did it on so it shouldn't be visible in pictures). It did take about three coats to get rid of the VNL. At first coat you could see it, and I used a thicker coat.

WOC Friendly? 
I swatched this originally with a bunch of wild colours but because it matches my skin tone so well I'd say this is a good non-traditional option for a nude. For someone lighter than me it might appear more of a true caramel. Even though it's so close to my skin tone, it's really nice and kind of compliments the goldenness of it.

It's part of the permanent line so will be readily available wherever the full collection of China Glaze is being sold. I purchased mine at a beauty wholesaler so my cost was $4.95 CAD but you can get from Sally's or any salon as well.

They were taken in the sun, direct light, no additional flash, unless otherwise noted. I have on three coats here, with no base coat or top coat.

China Glaze Golden Spurs swatch
 I like the micro shimmer you can see here, a nice golden touch. Makes me want to say "sun kissed bronze" but it's definitely more brown than bronze.

China Glaze Golden Spurs swatch
This one is indoors in a room with no artificial lighting - just natural lighting from outside. But this is what it looks like inside. AND this is what I meant when it's really close to my skin tone. It's verrrrrrrry similar don't you think?

China Glaze Golden Spurs swatch
But I don't think it makes me look bad, as if I had no real nails or something. There's a natural sheen to the nail polish that is really nice and comes out in this low light.

Another shot in the direct sunlight, with some nails at a angle which shows how dark the nail polish can also appear. I feel this could be used well in nail art - such as putting it over a bright colour with the saran wrap technique?

China Glaze Golden Spurs swatch
And of course, my bottle shot.

So there you have it, another nude option for women of colour. It has a nice summer laid back feel to it.  Reminds me of sand and beaches and gold… maybe it's the 30 degree weather outside right now haha, too hot to think. Anyways, I hope to get back into the swing of things… thanks for dropping by!

peace n love

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