Nail Art - Spring Windmill

As you noticed I'm not really regular with my posting mostly because A) I don't have a lot of regular readers and B) I like the no-pressure which allows me to get swatches in when I can and when it's sunny out :) but that also means I get super lazy with picking up and trying new polishes or being creative. Right now I'm not super into my nail polish in fact it's because my nails are fucking atrocious at the moment. Sometimes it's just like that eh? When you have so many to choose from you kind of get overwhelmed and then you get lazy… then you start picking and not caring yada yada yada here I am with some nail art I did before all that bullshit happened. Here's what I wrote back then:

Slowly, it seems the news of my nail obsession has made its way around the office and looks like there are more ladies interested in NP than I had previously thought. After having a conversation and flaunting my collection with them, I went home all fired up and genuinely re-excited about nail polish. So I hunted for my striping tape because a mani idea hit me but I couldn't find it :( so I just used standard scotch tape for this one but I got to say, I even impressed myself lol. I don't like posting my nail art because so many other people out there do it so much better than me. But I felt this one was special enough to make it's way onto the blog. Teehee.. take a look!
Polishes Used:
OPI's Thanks a Windmillion - a pastel dusty spring green
OPI's Moon Over Mumbai - sheer grey with microshimmer
Barry M Boots Limited Edition in Silver - lovely holographic glitter in clear base
Seche Vite

How I did it:
If you have striping tape good for you, it'll look 100293023x better. I did not...
Cut a bunch of thin pieces of scotch tape (14 - I needed 12 but I thought some were too thick).
Painted 2 coats of Thanks a Windmillion on my pinky, index & thumb.
Painted 3 coats of Moon Over Mumbai on my ring & middle.
Put a coat of Seche Vite over my ring & middle (the ones with the grey) - so I didn't ruin the base I built up.
Once dry, I laid my tape down in X's by crisscrossing the pieces of tape, over the ring & middle nails.
I painted 2 quick coats of Thanks a Windmillion (careful not to go over the tape boundary) & added a glob of the Barry M on the bottom triangle.
Took the tape off immediately & placed another coat of Seche Vite.
On my thumb, I created another X by crisscrossing the tape and added a glob in the bottom triangle (moving it around to paint an actual even triangle).
Took off tape & used Seche!

Did it eat my time/was frustrating?
Not having striping tape makes it super annoying because I don't like the fact my tape isn't even. I guess practice makes perfect. So that was the single most frustrating thing. It took me around an hour to do this but I'm a novice so I'm sure others would go faster. I do think it was worth it. I put in an order (and it has arrived) for some striping tape form amazon. Once my nails don't look like I sicked Cujo on them,  I'll do more like this because ME LIKEY.

Here's the final product:

outdoors in natural light - closeup

here's what the thumb looked like, I liked the lone accent nail (though I don't do the accent nail anymore)

indoors, no artificial lighting, indirect sunlight! Even though Moon over Mumbai is sheer, I think it added a little something something to make it kinda sexy - if nail art could be so.

here's a shaded shot, I don't know why I looked so dark in this haha, wait it's in the shade, DUH

I like this shot and I like my nails. Too bad I have some nasty cuticles going on. Thanks a Windmillion is a great green… I absolutely love it. I was going to get Mermaid Tears but didn't because I felt this is good enough and I hate buying dupes!

and I figure why not end on the best shot possible? I loved this manicure SOOOOO much. Will redo for sure!!

thanks for looking guys - I am very proud of this and glad it turned out decent. Woohoo!

peace n love

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