Sephora by OPI - Wardrobe Change

sephora by opi wardrobe changeHere's another swatch of a nail polish I did back in winter. It's an old one that I picked up during Sephora's huge blowout sale of their old nail polish line. It' Sephora by OPI's Wardrobe Change. I usually don't wear colours like this but I saw a few swatches on the internet and I thought hey maybe this will be nice... and it is pretty nice. Not my favourite, but it's decent. I wouldn't say it's unique either but if you like this kind of finish and look then you'll enjoy this polish.

Speaking of Sephora nail polish - I haven't bought any of the Formula X nail polishes. Simply because I think they're soooooooo overpriced! I mean, of their range - there are only a FEW I would pick up. By few I mean like 3. And I find that there colours are just OK. They do have a lot of bright colours but at the same time, I feel I have dupes of all of them already. I can't justify it, can you? I don't know, I mean, maybe they're chip-proof or made with fairy dust or something but why pay $13 or $15 for Formula X when I can go buy Orly or OPI for $9? Just my bitchiness I guess, eh. If anyone has ever used Formula X drop a comment below and let me know what you think of it... I want to know what the big deal is!

What I liked about this polish:
It's the type of polish that can change the look of a base polish by adding some pink or oyster like sheen - which is a major major bonus as a transformative topcoat. I wanted to take swatches of the bare nail polish only so you can see what it looks like. It's very sheer (as expected) and could be used to add pizazz to your french manicure or something else that's office-friendly. I don't have kids but this is a colour that is universal to children - adults - seniors! At least in my opinion :). It does apply well, I had a little bit of brush-strokes at 1 coat but easily covered up.

Things you should know about it:
IT IS SHEER!!! I could tell from the bottle that it would be so I wasn't disappointed but just wanted to clarify that this badboy is definitely not meant to be full coverage. So if you hate sheer... then no no noooooo for you. There aren't a lot of swatches on the interwebz but the ones I did see... for some reason are MUCH more opaque than mine. Not sure

What I didn't like about this polish:
I am personally not a fan of the "pearl" or "oyster" like finish... there's something about it I'm not too much of a fan of. This definitely had that - and from the few swatches I did see it wasn't as apparent as it was on the nail irl.

WOC Friendly?
Yup, Wearing it will definitely depend on your likeness towards that type of finish (sheer and pearlescent). It didn't look bad on my skin tone, but at the same token - it didn't really do anything for it either. So that could be either a bonus or a con. Your call!

Sephora discontinued this line and replaced it with their newer and more expensive Formula X line. If you really like this and want it you might be able to find it on eBay? However, for this kind of finish and look, there are some cheap options out there. Offhand, but not a dupe, there is a pearly sheer in Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength line. There is also one called Oyster Pink by Rimmel.

The pictures were taken in direct sunlight. This is FOUR coats! Super sheer…

sephora by opi wardrobe change
Granted it's in direct light, I think I used extremely thin coats or something.

sephora by opi wardrobe change
It's got that pearly shimmer/sheen to it. I think this might look great on lighter colours as a topcoat, baby pink, light lavender etc.

sephora by opi wardrobe change
It had a milky look to it as well when the sheen wasn't so obvious - this is kinda what it looked like.

sephora by opi wardrobe change
and again, you can see that if you use a nude or white base and had this colour on top you could get the bottle colour. But looking at it now, I don't mind the sheerness of it at all.

sephora by opi wardrobe change
And my bottle shot of the bottoms I rarely ever peel off. Wooo. I wish my nails looked like this now… oof I need to fix fix fix them.

thanks for reading! drop any thoughts below,
peace n love

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