Nasty Nails 1.0

So... I haven't posted in a LONNNNNGGGGGG time. Mostly due to the fact that I've resorted back to my old habits of biting my nails and picking at them. Usually it's brought on by stress and boredom, but I haven't really been either so I'm not sure what's making me revert to bad bad bad bad habits. I really think painting my nails is what prevents it from happening and lately I've been very indifferent to my collection.

My nails right now are chipped and peeling at the tops. I've been trying to lazily remedy them but haven't given much of a true effort. I've had a few hangnails that I've pulled on and caused infections which makes for painful nubs. :( The cuticles are completely dried out, cracking, and bleeding.

So basically, I felt no desire to put any picture of my gazillion nail polishes up because quite frankly, it's embarrassing to look at these nails. #shudder

So to get back to it, I'm going to pull a few pics I have from a few months ago and just post those. I'll update my nails and do a proper post about them with pictures. I'm going to attempt to rehab them so I'll keep track of what products I used and what not. So anyways, a new blogpost should be coming today.

peace n love

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