Sephora by OPI - Wardrobe Change

sephora by opi wardrobe changeHere's another swatch of a nail polish I did back in winter. It's an old one that I picked up during Sephora's huge blowout sale of their old nail polish line. It' Sephora by OPI's Wardrobe Change. I usually don't wear colours like this but I saw a few swatches on the internet and I thought hey maybe this will be nice... and it is pretty nice. Not my favourite, but it's decent. I wouldn't say it's unique either but if you like this kind of finish and look then you'll enjoy this polish.

Speaking of Sephora nail polish - I haven't bought any of the Formula X nail polishes. Simply because I think they're soooooooo overpriced! I mean, of their range - there are only a FEW I would pick up. By few I mean like 3. And I find that there colours are just OK. They do have a lot of bright colours but at the same time, I feel I have dupes of all of them already. I can't justify it, can you? I don't know, I mean, maybe they're chip-proof or made with fairy dust or something but why pay $13 or $15 for Formula X when I can go buy Orly or OPI for $9? Just my bitchiness I guess, eh. If anyone has ever used Formula X drop a comment below and let me know what you think of it... I want to know what the big deal is!


Nail Art - Spring Windmill

As you noticed I'm not really regular with my posting mostly because A) I don't have a lot of regular readers and B) I like the no-pressure which allows me to get swatches in when I can and when it's sunny out :) but that also means I get super lazy with picking up and trying new polishes or being creative. Right now I'm not super into my nail polish in fact it's because my nails are fucking atrocious at the moment. Sometimes it's just like that eh? When you have so many to choose from you kind of get overwhelmed and then you get lazy… then you start picking and not caring yada yada yada here I am with some nail art I did before all that bullshit happened. Here's what I wrote back then:

Slowly, it seems the news of my nail obsession has made its way around the office and looks like there are more ladies interested in NP than I had previously thought. After having a conversation and flaunting my collection with them, I went home all fired up and genuinely re-excited about nail polish. So I hunted for my striping tape because a mani idea hit me but I couldn't find it :( so I just used standard scotch tape for this one but I got to say, I even impressed myself lol. I don't like posting my nail art because so many other people out there do it so much better than me. But I felt this one was special enough to make it's way onto the blog. Teehee.. take a look!


WOC Nude Series: China Glaze Golden Spurs

China Glaze Golden Spurs swatch
China Glaze Golden Spurs in direct sunlight
So I took this swatch a while ago, I'm talking months. I think I didn't like my nail shape or something that I was hoping to update it. But alas, my nails are fuckin disGUSting right now so I didn't do it. Oops. Nah I don't really care (which is a lie, I do care, otherwise I would've posted by now). I figure I might as well go back digging and post something to show I am alive.

I've updated my collection catalogue as well so all my nail polishes are there. I'm going to actually take some pictures and talk nail storage as well in another post. Maybe I'll do it this weekend with my shitty camera.

So anyways, I picked up Golden Spurs years ago and I hadn't worn it since I decided to swatch this haha. It's an interesting colour, I think some people will either love or hate it. Not too sure… but keep reading to see what you think of it :)

Nasty Nails 1.0

So... I haven't posted in a LONNNNNGGGGGG time. Mostly due to the fact that I've resorted back to my old habits of biting my nails and picking at them. Usually it's brought on by stress and boredom, but I haven't really been either so I'm not sure what's making me revert to bad bad bad bad habits. I really think painting my nails is what prevents it from happening and lately I've been very indifferent to my collection.

My nails right now are chipped and peeling at the tops. I've been trying to lazily remedy them but haven't given much of a true effort. I've had a few hangnails that I've pulled on and caused infections which makes for painful nubs. :( The cuticles are completely dried out, cracking, and bleeding.

So basically, I felt no desire to put any picture of my gazillion nail polishes up because quite frankly, it's embarrassing to look at these nails. #shudder

So to get back to it, I'm going to pull a few pics I have from a few months ago and just post those. I'll update my nails and do a proper post about them with pictures. I'm going to attempt to rehab them so I'll keep track of what products I used and what not. So anyways, a new blogpost should be coming today.

peace n love