NCLA Call Me For The After Party

NCLA Call me for the after partyIn case you haven't noticed (which you probably have) I write a lot, like, A LOT. I naturally am a writer (poems n stories n shit, yes I have a third blog for that but I haven't updated it since 2008) and if you've ever met me in person I'm a chatterbox - especially when it comes to nails, issues regarding femnism/racism, anything Whedon, or hockey! Anyways, I thought I'd just reveal that. Not like it needed revealing...haha. SOOOOOOOOOO, for some reason I have this aversion to blue. I like it on other people and I like the polishes but I noticed I never reach for them on my own shelf. I'm sure I mentioned this before as all my posts are out of sequence at the moment.

So since I have like 400 polishes and haven't worn them all, I asked my coworker to pick a colour and I'd wear it the next day. She picked dark blue... I flipflopped between the NCLA one I'm going to show you and China Glaze's Up All Night. I decided to try the NCLA one since I have yet to use any of the ones I got from that brand lol.

It's a great colour and overall great polish, don't get me wrong. I just don't really enjoy it as much as I probably should have... it seemed a little overrated. As a disclaimer, I am going through an anti-blue phase though lol, so who knows, in a few months I might be gaga for blue. Keep reading to see my pictures and review of the polish...

What I liked most about this polish:
Fantastic formula - had no problems with pooling, bubbling, balding, or drag (I expected drag). It is a bit on the "thin" side because it's not completely opaque when you put the first coat on but it's a good consistency. Removal was probably the best removal of a blue glittery polish I've experienced so far. There was absolutely NOOOOOOO glitter migration OR staining! Yay for no smurf hands!!! I can really see why a lot of people would like the NCLA brand. There's also a shitload more cool polishes they offer but it's a little out of my price range.

Things you should know about it:
It's kind of a blurple; blue that leans purple. But blues always appear different to different people so I'm not too sure. Other than that, there's nothing that I need to point out but I found topcoat enhanced the shine of it so I would full heartedly encourage you to use topcoat to get the most bang for your buck :) Be careful and make sure you fully go over the previous coat you put otherwise it will pull away a bit at the edges with a topcoat like Seche. I'd also recommend wrapping the tips on this one.

What I didn't like about this polish:
This is my first time buying and using an NCLA polish (it was on the $$$ side), the only thing that bothered me was the bottle and my expectations. I didn't really like the handle as it was too blocky when I kept the square thing on top and too small when I took it off. I guess it just takes some getting used to. I also thought it would have more depth so I was a bit disappointed in that aspect of the polish and I felt in most lights it falls dull. This is definitely a sun-loving polish and shines when it's exposed to daylight.

WOC Friendly?
Yes! Doesn't do anything or take anything away from the skin colour. It's really, a run of the mill navy metallic.

I purchased from nailpolishcanada.com for $16 CAD... I have no idea what the availability of this polish is outside of North America but it's easily accessible online from what I can tell :) I probably would not purchase it again because of the price.

I have on two coats of basecoat, two coats of Call Me for the After Party, and one coat of Seche Vite. this mani is also old so there is tip wear and growth. I believe these are DAY THREE of wear (no wrapped tips).

NCLA Call me for the after party
Looks very pretty in the sun I must say...

NCLA Call me for the after party
A close up of the sparkle in this polish. The micro shimmer kind of looks like flecks but it's a pretty colour. You can also see the pull near the cuticles from my sloppy Seche Vite job… oops. Need to be more careful.

NCLA Call me for the after party
Here's the colour in low light/shade.

NCLA Call me for the after party
Another lower light shot - it is still very bold.

NCLA Call me for the after party
This is what it looks like most of the time. I am kinda meh with it because the sun really does make it pop.

NCLA Call me for the after party
POP! See what I mean? The shimmer in this polish is what sets it apart. If you are a blue lover this is a solid polish to have. Especially since I didn't have surf hands!

NCLA Call me for the after party
Ah, the bottle shot. I had an actual bottle shot pose but it just looked so awkward so I deleted it haha.

So what do you think? Will you be calling this for the after party? (hehehehe I couldn't resist)
peace n love

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