NCLA Call Me For The After Party

NCLA Call me for the after partyIn case you haven't noticed (which you probably have) I write a lot, like, A LOT. I naturally am a writer (poems n stories n shit, yes I have a third blog for that but I haven't updated it since 2008) and if you've ever met me in person I'm a chatterbox - especially when it comes to nails, issues regarding femnism/racism, anything Whedon, or hockey! Anyways, I thought I'd just reveal that. Not like it needed revealing...haha. SOOOOOOOOOO, for some reason I have this aversion to blue. I like it on other people and I like the polishes but I noticed I never reach for them on my own shelf. I'm sure I mentioned this before as all my posts are out of sequence at the moment.

So since I have like 400 polishes and haven't worn them all, I asked my coworker to pick a colour and I'd wear it the next day. She picked dark blue... I flipflopped between the NCLA one I'm going to show you and China Glaze's Up All Night. I decided to try the NCLA one since I have yet to use any of the ones I got from that brand lol.

It's a great colour and overall great polish, don't get me wrong. I just don't really enjoy it as much as I probably should have... it seemed a little overrated. As a disclaimer, I am going through an anti-blue phase though lol, so who knows, in a few months I might be gaga for blue. Keep reading to see my pictures and review of the polish...