Zoya Josie

Zoya JosieWE ALMOST HAD SPRING! Then it snowed again :( Oh well. Moving onnnnnn so, I only bought one Zoya polish in the past and it was the Buffy polish, which is one of my favourites (for many reasons). 

Ok, lezbehonest - I only bought it because I am UHBSESSED with Buffy (I was going to insert a screen shot of my collection but decided against scaring any readers away). 

I never really heard of Zoya in my innocent nail polish addict phase aka before I discovered blogs. But after I discovered nail blogs, I noticed a lot of people rave about the brand and I saw that they really do have unique colours! One of the big reasons I haven't bought a bunch of them is because they're not readily accessible up here. I more so have to buy online to get these so it's hard to swatch in store... since there is no store... ok I'm sure you got that lol. 

But the colour intrigued me on some swatches so I decided to just jump in and buy it. And oh my god, am I ever happy I did because this is BEAUTIFUL. Like deadly. Looks gorgeous on dark skin, just gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring at it when I had it on. Keep reading for more pics.

What I liked most about this polish:
The colour is fantastic and you get great colour payoff - a lot more than I originally though. It's a unique colour (at least to my collection) and it's a wonderful kinda neon, but not really, bright pastel green that's not too pastel shade. Its wonderful - a spring or summer colour that could be used anywhere anytime anydamnplace! The formula is easy to work with despite it's shortcomings. I found it to self-level a bit but I put too much on my index finger and had to tap it until it evened itself out. But overall, it's got the boldness I want without all the bite of shimmer. It's a fantastic creme that I will absolutely reach for when I want something fun and light-hearted. It was also easy to remove with zero staining.

Things you should know about it:
My bottle was a teeny bit on the thick side so be careful to not overwork it. When I applied it, I found a thin first coat as a base worked better than a thick first coat. But when you apply your next coats, it's easier to use a thicker coat. Weird, I know. It comes from the Summer 2013 Zoya Stunning & Irresistible collection. I don't have the rest of the collection but they seem great so they are worth checking out.

What I didn't like about this polish:
I'm not a professional swatcher and DEFZ do not have the practice time like other ladies in the interwebz so the formula and application was iffy for my noob self. I had some drag but could even most of it out by the third coat. As you can see I overworked a couple of fingers so you can see the drag on them :( sad, I know. It's not a polish I will reach for TOO often outside of warm weather (my baseline is soft polishes like You Callin Me a Lyre) so it doesn't bother me too much. Might just add a drop of thinner in it to help it along it's way though...

WOC Friendly?
YES. The colour is bold and can be worn for spring or summer. It's great! If you have it let me know what you think!!

I bought this at nailpolishcanada.com when it got marked down to like $6.71 CAD.

All pictures were taken outside in afternoon sunlight except 1 (which was in shade). There is three coats of Josie and NO topcoat.
Zoya Josie
I think this is a stunning nail polish! Reminds me of mint ice cream but more saturated.. 

Zoya Josie
maybe green tea ice cream?? mmmmmmm ice cream…. now I'm kinda hungry. Must be the close-up!

Zoya Josie
You can see some brushstrokes on the ring finger but it's not noticeable IRL. Despite the pastel feel to it, you can definitely see how pigmented it is, right?

Zoya Josie swatch
I thought I'd show a picture of my hand far away so you could see what the polish actually looks in regards to the whole hand. It's definitely eye-catching!

Zoya Josie
This colour definitely comes alive and makes my skin look much "tanner" than normal. It's very pretty on dark skin!!

Zoya Josie
Just a quick shot of it in the shade. This is inside my house away from direct sunlight and absolutely no artificial lighting on - all naturale babe! Even away from the sun it pops!

Zoya Josie
Man my nails have come a long way. I actually found some old pictures of my nails that I will post one day to show the difference lol. And of course, the bottle shots… 

Zoya Josie
When I remember to do them :P

This colour is definitely a favourite and a winner - I find it so hard to find good creme's so I'm very happy that this is an option for you… especially since St Patty's Day just happened. (I wore something else though which I'll have up next week!)

Thanks for reading - do you guys own any Zoya? Is the hype as good as I believed it to be??

peace n love!


  1. That looks great on you! I've got quite a few Zoya in my stash--their Pixie Dust textures are my current favorites.

    1. Aww thanks Karen! I only have one of the textured polishes from Zoya (Carter) and I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!


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