WOC Nude Series: Sephora by OPI - Don't Feed The Hand Models

So before I get into the post I actually updated my wish list and even uploaded my catalogue of nail polishes in THE LOOT. So jump over and take a look! If you want any of those swatched just leave a comment!

One of my ex-friends gave me a pretty sweet gift (but she was into materialistic things and only concerned with image/perception) that I was really happy to receive! Not sure how many of yall have it, but she gave me the wonderful "Glimmer Wonderland" mini Sephora by OPI (SOPI) set. There's a stock photo of it!

From the Curvy Fashionista blog - POST HERE

As you can see, there's a huge range of polishes in this! From creme to shimmer, cool to warm, metallic to frost! When I got it, I was so overwhelmed. Being a student, I didn't really buy any nail polishes and held on to my cheap Sally Hansen's with a death grip. So getting this was a breath of fresh air. A complete palette of new colours to dabble in. And surprisingly... I NEVER EVER had tried a "nude" polish before these. I always thought it was a white-girl thing. So when I swatched it for the first time, I freaked out and subsequently turned my BFF (sup Neetu) into it!

The mini SOPI are alright but they are so small that the brush isn't really big enough for my nail length. So when the SOPI line was being discontinued I went and bought the 3 nail polishes I adored from the collection (Already Famous, I'm With Brad, and Don't Feed The Hand Models).

What I liked most about this polish:
The colour is fantastic and once you get used to it, the application is smooth as well. It's VERY complimentary on darker skin and works on short or long nails. Out of the two nudes in the set (the other is peachy Dear Diary), this is definitely the one I favour... by spades! The biggest selling point and strength of the polish, is the fact it is opaque without leaving your hand looking ashy (like some others I have tried. Its an interesting toned nude, leans much more to cool putty than peach in the bottle but I find it has some pink undertones next to my skin. Bonus: it had no issues with pooling but my bottle tended to dry quicker so that could've helped it from pooling.

Things you should know about it:
If you are not a fan of "mannequin hands" then I would NOT recommend it for you. On top of that, it has that weird putty/mannequin colour to it that sits really close to certain skin tones that it would likely blend in. Asides that, it's relatively easy to overwork so be gentle in your application otherwise you will pick up the polish and drag it. As I mentioned earlier it's opaque, and not sheer.

What I didn't like about this polish:
The only thing I didn't like was the formula. Now this could be my bottle but it tended to be a bit on the thick side and I'm sure it could benefit from a drop or two of thinner. Other than that, sometimes it can be streaky but generally an easy hand will fix any of those issues - just don't go over the same spot often. You can see on my ring finger that overworking it, is not a good idea. However, in real life you can't really tell because it is a nude polish so it's not too much of a negative.

WOC Friendly?
YES. Though I can see potential clash issues with the type of skin tone you have (cool vs warm). But it looks good on darker skin for sure and reminds me of putty.

Unfortunately, Sephora and OPI's contract was not renewed and was replaced with the new Sephora in-house nail polish brand is the "Formula X". So finding this colour (or any others I will post) are going to be HTF. I purchased mine on their huge blowout clearance sale (buy 2, get 1 free? or was it $5 each?) when mostly the fugly colours were left. I'm sure you could find it some places that have lower traffic... it could be sitting there!

All pictures were taken in direct sunlight, with 3 coats of polish and NO topcoat.

Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models
Looks like I also have some weird drag on my thumb too :( A different angle of the sun and my hand, but you can see the putty-ness of it in this one.

Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models
I think this polish is s gorgeous! Here you can really see the pink undertones and how smooth the polish is.

The polish doesn't look ghastly either, which sometimes happens with nude polishes… you know that corpse like rigour mortis look? Thankfully this just looks good :)

Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models
So fresh and so clean clean! It looks precise and classy, and smooth. From the brightness, these pictures were taken in afternoon high sun.

Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models
Here's a picture in a different angle but still in the sun… it's a much better picture of the skin tone-polish colour combination.

Sephora by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models
Ah, the tag's I never fully remove off the bottom's of polishes haha. 

so there we have it, another great nude option that I like and find works for me (and my bff)!

peace n love

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