Quickie - Oilers Gameday Mani

not so good picture but here are the polishes I used
So as a birthday gift, one of my besties bought me a ticket to an Edmonton Oilers home game. We live a few hours away so we decided to make it a long weekend trip :) Unfortunately they ended up losing (quite quite quite badly) and it was just a very very sad game. Like when I say bad… it was bad. People were boo-ing non stop and other people took it upon themselves to throw jerseys on the ice (which was disgusting). I was actually depressed after the game.

Anyways, before I left for the weekend, I wanted to do an Oilers mani (and I never will again, thanks to being a superstitious hockey fan). I had gone to Edmonton a while ago and went to West Edmonton Mall and in the sports store (I think Lids) and was SHOCKED to see these nail polishes! Hahahaha obviously I bought them without hesitation. They were expensive so I kinda had buyers remorse and considering they lost when I wore them… I definitely have buyers remorse. Nonetheless, its so cool. Click below to see the mani!

What I liked about these polishes:
First of all, since when did the NHL make official game nail polishes? Hahahaha well it's a pretty sweet deal. I saw em and I bought them a while ago but damn I was so happy I finally had a purpose to wear them. Both nail polishes were great (orange + blue). They had good formula's and applied well. They also dried semi-quick. They didn't really have a shine but they became deeper with a top coat. Both (actually all three because I used OPI's Alpine Snow) were a creme formula. Also easy to remove!

Things you should know about it:
Hard to get, I would imagine.

What I didn't like about this polish:
I used Alpine Snow from OPI to make the white but it wasn't opaque enough, because once I used Seche Vite, it like melted into a purple colour. Oops?

WOC Friendly?

From a place called Lids in West Edmonton Mall.

I only have a couple pics :( didn't have time to take any AND they're on my cellphone. Whoopz…

So here is their jersey:

And this is my mani - I used the official polishes so colour discrepancy can be blamed on the NHL lol.

edmonton oilers
An Oilers inspired manicure :)

edmonton oilers
And here I am struggling to hold all of them together for a bottle shot lol

What do you guys think of it? Do any of you guys do game day mani's, or am I the only crazy fan who does? I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

peace n love

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