OPI No More Room for the Blues

OPI No more room for the blues swatchAs I mentioned before, I went to Edmonton for the game and it was beyond dismal. I'm actually pretty depressed about that still (especially since TSN won't stfu about "watergate") so I won't even talk about it. But the morning after, I was getting into the car and the door wasn't unlocked and I broke two nails on my right hand. Have you guys ever done that? The nail on middle finger broke dangerously close to the nail bed but thankfully it missed tearing the skin off by approximately a millimeter.

So needless to say I was feeling a bit blue. [And in fact, I've noticed almost all the recent mani's I've done are blue. Haha sorry about that folks - I have one more blue one ready to go in the vault so after that I can do another nude and a red] So, I decided to remedy that by slapping on one of my untrieds (lezbehonest I have so many untried I should not be allowed to buy until I use alllll). I just actually bought this in 2014 after seeing a swatch on a blog... now I can't remember who it was! Anyways, I have yet to swatch it so a couple nights ago me and my bestie were hanging out and decided to paint our nails. I suggested Funky Dunkey for her and I grabbed this bottle for me.

Now I'm not really a fan of blue nail polish that isn't like an electric cobalt (my all time favourite blue is China Glaze's Frostbite). I've never been attracted to baby blues either. Or medium blues. Or navy blues… though, this is more of a sky blue though... read on to check out more pictures and see what I think!

What I liked about this polish:
It's very smooth and easy to apply. The formula was great and it even leveled out when I applied it. It's a solid medium blue creme to have in your collection - it's actually really really nice. I'm not a fan of blue polishes at the moment... I go in and out of phases. But the formula was standout because it was quick and easy to use and applied to opacity in two coats - a first thin one, then a second thicker one. The colour is bright but not neon which makes it unique to my collection. The closest colour I can recall having is Loreal's not a cloud in sight but I would prefer this to that because I think that one is dustier than this. It also dries in a decent amount of time though I should've waited longer because I have bed lines :(

Things you should know about it:
There's not much of a warning or need-to-know about this one, it applied great and removed great as well. That's right - absolutely ZERO staining. Totally good for nail art and it's pure creme :) who doesn't love cremes???

What I didn't like about this polish:
The colour is fantastic. Like it's a beautiful sky blue colour that just screams summer and sunny days, I love it. On me, I can't commit to it for long periods of time but it does look good with the darker skin tone so it's not an issue of clash.

WOC Friendly?
Definitely! Whether you want to wear it or not will depend mostly on how comfortable you feel with this kind of shade. It's not really a favourite for me but the colour is absolutely amazing if you are a fan of cool-toned or blue polishes. It looks great on my skin tone though and I've got compliments on it already!

It's part of the core OPI colours in the Brights line so it's readily available at any locations that stock OPI (like Chatters or other salons) for roughly $9.95. I got mine from nailpolishcanada.com for $8.95.

I apologize ahead of time guys - we have snow forecasted this whole week so I really don't have a chance to get in the sun and I HATE taking pictures without it... hence these pictures. I wanted the sun to show the vibrancy of this colour but I've included a different lighting to help you see the richness of this blue. 

All pictures are with two coats of Nail Envy, one coat of OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat, and two coats of No More Room for the Blues and NO topcoat for these.

OPI No More Room For the Blues
In natural lighting (all these pictures except one are), and I think this is a pretty true to life capture of it. No topcoat and quick application - it still has that shine!

OPI No More Room For the Blues
Here's a different angle, mostly with the natural lighting hitting it from the side. It appears lighter here but it really does well in most lighting.

OPI No More Room For the Blues
The way the colour appear on the index finger makes it look like DYNAMITEEEEE. It seriously is a gorgeous stand out creme. And my nails look pretty decent here too!

OPI No More Room For the Blues
A close up shot of my dried cuticles (for which I am forever apologizing) and the colour. There is not a lot of dents or dings on it but you can see some here.

OPI No More Room For the Blues
Also, with bright colours I think it helps if you get to see the whole hand from further away since this can be a better judge of what it actually looks like on the hand as opposed to a close up of the nails. You can see here why I might have some hesitations to wear it daily. It's a gorgeous colour but I wouldn't be able to sport a bright blue for longer than a few days. It's so perfect for the beach or something like that though, and it has limitless potential for nail art. I'm just not a bluesy girl at the moment.

OPI No More Room For the Blues
This is the only shot taken away from the direct natural lighting. I just did it in a different area of the room. You can see the colour does NOT lose it's vibrancy and still is a strong blue.

OPI No More Room For the Blues
Oh snap, classic bottle shotssssssssssss - numba one and….

OPI No More Room For the Blues
Numba two!!!!! I think I will never peel those labels b-t-dubbz.

Overall, my impression is this is a great polish. Wearing it will completely depend on the mood and occasion for me. I'm not too into blues so it's a bit much for everyday wear (really not work appropriate). But if you enjoy those bright cremes in various colours or cool-tones then this is worth it. Go buy :P

The name is aptly fitting, time to get over the recent losses and look towards the future - there really is no more room for the blues! Thanks for reading!

peace n love

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