OPI AmazON... AmazOFF

OPI Amazon… AmazoffAs you've seen I had already swatched the liquid sands of the OPI Brazil collection that was just released. And from the whole collection there was one I was dying to put on, AmazON... AmazOFF. OPI's website describes it like so: "I'm making the switch to this deep jungle green." Some people have been saying teal leaning blue, but in store on a swatch stick and on my hand in most lights it appears as a jungle green. It's a wonderful colour and it definitely is a stand out for me. I actually paired it with an orangey-bronze-gold suit that I wore to my friends engagement and paired it with a chunni that had dark green beadwork.

OK, I'm about to show you how fuckin geek-nerd-loser I am right about now.... So the MINUTE I saw this, all I could think of was Sailor Jupiter from the Sailor Moon series and yes, I said "JUPITER... POWERRR!!!!" aloud when I put it on the first coat. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha there are some polishes that just scream certain Sailor Scouts and this one, is the first one I've ever found for Sailor Jupiter! (Yes I have others for the other Sailors..... hehehehehe) It's PERFECT!

Funnily, I have not yet swatched the rest of the collection yet. I'm going to definitely put them on soon though. Anyways, I'm not a super fan of green nail polish because most of it doesn't appeal to me but I'm glad to say this is a great colour - if you were debating it, I'd just push you to buy it :P keep reading for more details & pics!

What I liked most about this polish:
It's a GREAT colour and I simply love it. It's a bold colour that would look amazing on any skin tone, it really is universally flattering from what I could tell! It is unique in my collection, the closest polish I have is OPI's Jade is the New Black. The formula isn't too thick so I could control it, which meant woohooo, no pooling!!! The application was smooth and I had no real issues once I started using a thicker coat. It also dries relatively quick. You can get opacity in two coats but if you used thinner coats I would suggest three coats to really get the depth of the colour right. The pictures are of FOUR days wear. As you can see - it totally lasted!! Just tip wear :)

Things you should know about it:
In some swatches it looks blue/teal but it definitely looks green IRL on me, and most people complimented it as "that green". It dries quick so I would refrain from using thin coats that you have to go back over, even doubling over once will lead to drag (my ring finger). Working with thicker coats seemed to work better (index). Of course if you have shorter nails, don't grab too much polish otherwise it'll be so thick and take forever to dry. When I used my Seche Vite, I woke up the next morning and I kind of noticed that the edge where the second later and first later connect was separated. It was really weird... normally my Seche is great with OPI. I think my Seche bottle is too old and goopy now #sigh

What I didn't like about this polish:
It's a great polish and the formula was good. When I removed it, my nails didn't stain (thanks to 2xbasecoat) but the cuticles and surrounding skin did. Shrek hands!! I had to work really hard on trying to fix that and eventually just mixed honey+olive oil+sugar to scrub my hands and it worked to remove most of the Shrek hands.

WOC Friendly?
Oh hell yes, it looks amazing. I love how deep the colour is. It's definitely wearable and if I had one polish to suggest from the Brazil collection this would be it.

I bought this at nailpolishcanada.com when it was first released for $8.95 CAD. It's also available at Chatters and other salons as well for $9.95!

All pictures were taken outside in evening sun. This is DAY FOUR of wear. I am wearing two coats of OPI basecoat, two coats of AmazON...AmazOFF, topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

OPI Amazon… Amazoff
Taken in direct sunlight (evening). In this direct lighting, it seems a little thin but in real life I couldn't even see the VNL.

OPI Amazon… Amazoff
I adore this colour! My ring finger had the thinnest coat but I was so happy with the staying power of this polish.

I have no bottle shots because I only had about 2 minutes to get pictures in the sun (it was over cast and threatening to snow) so this is the last one without my topcoats!

OPI Amazon… Amazoff
Here's a picture in the shade - there's no artificial lighting on the room and it's only the sunlight filtering in, but not directly in light. I think this one shows best the green-ness of the polish. It really did look amazing.

- - -

So, I wanted to show you some pictures of it with different types of toppers on it, because I was curious and this polish seemed to call for it. I have: Nubar's Black Polka Dot (index), OPI Matte Topcoat (middle), OPI's The Living Daylights (ring), and China Glaze's Water You Waiting For (pinky)...

I have trouble finding a complimentary polish for The Living Daylights but I think this is a pretty good one. The teal and copper glitter in that polish seem to mesh so well with AmazON… AmazOFF! I also wanted to bring out the green in Water You Waiting For since it's mostly blue bases, and I feel it worked out. PLUS it's less layering of a glitter which is always a good thing for removal. The one I was looking forward to the most was the black dots. I love the subtelety of the Black Polka Dot but looking now maybe it needs a topcoat after, it seemed to dry to a satin type finish. And lastly, I wanted to show the matte-ified version. The matte would look great in nail art (if you only matte some parts of it!).

OPI Amazon… Amazoff
And on my thumb I had OPI's Which is Witch? I personally prefer this topcoat on lighter colours but I know some people don't have that preference and personal bias aside, I think it would look great! I heard that polish was re-released under a different name in the recent "Spotlight on Glitter" collection.

OPI Amazon… Amazoff
Here is a blurred version just so you can see the holographicness and the glitterness of some of these. Check out the thumb!!

This polish, overall gets a HUGE stamp of approval. It's a great formula and a perfect look for someone who wants something bold but not crazy. It's very complimentary to my skin tone, and bonus, it's totally in. I freaking love it. Anyways, I hope you got some useful information from this post. :) thanks for reading!!

peace n love

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