Antiqued Olive Look (OPI 4 In the Morning + Ski Slope Sweetie + Matte)

I've kind of mentioned it before, but I usually recycle my manicures. It's an easy way to be easy on your hands and limit the amount of remover and chemicals I put on them. I have dry skin and I live in a drying climate so I try to minimize the exposure to certain things. ANYWAYS, I had on OPI's 4 In The Morning from the Gwen Stefani collection that was just released. It's GORGEOUS. I'll swatch that later. And I was surprised as hell when I realized I was on day 6 and I had no chipping, just tip wear. Which is something since I type all day at work and text all night. So that's my shout out for that polish.

I also really loved OPI's Ski Slope Sweetie from the Mariah Carey holiday collection released last year. I don't mind wearing it sheer (I usually wear it with 2 or 3 coats) because it's very pretty and subtle enough to make do for a quick mani.

What I liked most about this polish:
So I wore "3" different polishes in this look, and I will probably do a seperate post on OPI's Ski Slope Sweetie and 4 In the Morning. In fact, if you look at my nails, the 4 In The Morning had been on my nail roughly a week. I imagined that because of it's finish (semi-matte) that it would chip within the first 2 days. But it didn't. Because you can see how much my nails grew and how much polish tip wear I have. It's great. And Ski Slope Sweetie is amazing - I love it sheer but thought I'd try it on the black and it didn't disappoint. However, there seems to be a few of this pearly goldy sheer whites out there... not sure how unique it is! All the polishes are SMOOTH. However, when I was applying OPI's Ski Slope Sweetie (you can see in pictures) was a bit uneven so be a bit careful with that.

Things you should know about it:
OPI 4 In The Morning is a semi-matte black with I believe silver micro shimmer. It's a colour worth investing in. Ski Slope Sweetie is a sheer polish that can either be worn alone (which I love) or as a topcoat (seen here). It's a white/gold look and there is small holographic particles mixed with the gold micro shimmer.  The matte topcoat eliminates the holographic bits but really really brings out the gold in a flattering way. The OPI matte topcoat is quick dry and accelerates the chipping of your polish but the look is fantastic.

What I didn't like about this polish:
The only thing I dislike is how chipping accelerates with the matte topcoat. I wish the mani would last longer but usually I can get a week without major chipping and currently I'm on day 3 of this mani and I have major chips on my index and pinky fingers.

WOC Friendly?
All three are, most definitely. Seperately and combined.

I bought them all from nailpolishcanada.com for $8.95 CAD. I've also seen the Gwen Stefani still at major salons but not so much with the Mariah Carey. The Matte topcoat is always available I believe part of the permanent line.

I wanted to recycle my 4 In the Morning mani, but didn't want a heavy glitter topper (I'm anti-glitter lately because I don't want to deal with the removal), so I decided to reach for Ski Slope Sweetie in experimentation, and I got a real sweet mix. But I wanted to step up a level and add a matte topcoat.

FYI: It's been snowing here so I have no sunlight and I finally got some so I ran out and took some pictures but totally didn't prep my cuticles/hands. They are dry. SORRY DON'T HATE ME.

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, OPI 4 in the morning
You can see the black base with gold shimmer on top. The matte doesn't eliminate it completely but makes it very dull… almost antiqued.

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, OPI 4 in the morning
You can see how the colour looks in shade, it has a strong olive look to it but flashes between that and antiqued gold.

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, OPI 4 in the morning
In the shade.

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, OPI 4 in the morning
I think this showcases the gold better (esp on the ring finger) - it looks really pretty on my hand and I did get a few compliments and inquiries about what the colour was.

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, OPI 4 in the morning
I love the way the matte kind of makes it look a bit milky in some angles. I love it a lot and will definitely be trying these combos more often.

What do you guys think?
peace n love

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