OPI No More Room for the Blues

OPI No more room for the blues swatchAs I mentioned before, I went to Edmonton for the game and it was beyond dismal. I'm actually pretty depressed about that still (especially since TSN won't stfu about "watergate") so I won't even talk about it. But the morning after, I was getting into the car and the door wasn't unlocked and I broke two nails on my right hand. Have you guys ever done that? The nail on middle finger broke dangerously close to the nail bed but thankfully it missed tearing the skin off by approximately a millimeter.

So needless to say I was feeling a bit blue. [And in fact, I've noticed almost all the recent mani's I've done are blue. Haha sorry about that folks - I have one more blue one ready to go in the vault so after that I can do another nude and a red] So, I decided to remedy that by slapping on one of my untrieds (lezbehonest I have so many untried I should not be allowed to buy until I use alllll). I just actually bought this in 2014 after seeing a swatch on a blog... now I can't remember who it was! Anyways, I have yet to swatch it so a couple nights ago me and my bestie were hanging out and decided to paint our nails. I suggested Funky Dunkey for her and I grabbed this bottle for me.

Now I'm not really a fan of blue nail polish that isn't like an electric cobalt (my all time favourite blue is China Glaze's Frostbite). I've never been attracted to baby blues either. Or medium blues. Or navy blues… though, this is more of a sky blue though... read on to check out more pictures and see what I think!


Quickie - Oilers Gameday Mani

not so good picture but here are the polishes I used
So as a birthday gift, one of my besties bought me a ticket to an Edmonton Oilers home game. We live a few hours away so we decided to make it a long weekend trip :) Unfortunately they ended up losing (quite quite quite badly) and it was just a very very sad game. Like when I say bad… it was bad. People were boo-ing non stop and other people took it upon themselves to throw jerseys on the ice (which was disgusting). I was actually depressed after the game.

Anyways, before I left for the weekend, I wanted to do an Oilers mani (and I never will again, thanks to being a superstitious hockey fan). I had gone to Edmonton a while ago and went to West Edmonton Mall and in the sports store (I think Lids) and was SHOCKED to see these nail polishes! Hahahaha obviously I bought them without hesitation. They were expensive so I kinda had buyers remorse and considering they lost when I wore them… I definitely have buyers remorse. Nonetheless, its so cool. Click below to see the mani!


OPI AmazON... AmazOFF

OPI Amazon… AmazoffAs you've seen I had already swatched the liquid sands of the OPI Brazil collection that was just released. And from the whole collection there was one I was dying to put on, AmazON... AmazOFF. OPI's website describes it like so: "I'm making the switch to this deep jungle green." Some people have been saying teal leaning blue, but in store on a swatch stick and on my hand in most lights it appears as a jungle green. It's a wonderful colour and it definitely is a stand out for me. I actually paired it with an orangey-bronze-gold suit that I wore to my friends engagement and paired it with a chunni that had dark green beadwork.

OK, I'm about to show you how fuckin geek-nerd-loser I am right about now.... So the MINUTE I saw this, all I could think of was Sailor Jupiter from the Sailor Moon series and yes, I said "JUPITER... POWERRR!!!!" aloud when I put it on the first coat. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha there are some polishes that just scream certain Sailor Scouts and this one, is the first one I've ever found for Sailor Jupiter! (Yes I have others for the other Sailors..... hehehehehe) It's PERFECT!

Funnily, I have not yet swatched the rest of the collection yet. I'm going to definitely put them on soon though. Anyways, I'm not a super fan of green nail polish because most of it doesn't appeal to me but I'm glad to say this is a great colour - if you were debating it, I'd just push you to buy it :P keep reading for more details & pics!


Zoya Josie

Zoya JosieWE ALMOST HAD SPRING! Then it snowed again :( Oh well. Moving onnnnnn so, I only bought one Zoya polish in the past and it was the Buffy polish, which is one of my favourites (for many reasons). 

Ok, lezbehonest - I only bought it because I am UHBSESSED with Buffy (I was going to insert a screen shot of my collection but decided against scaring any readers away). 

I never really heard of Zoya in my innocent nail polish addict phase aka before I discovered blogs. But after I discovered nail blogs, I noticed a lot of people rave about the brand and I saw that they really do have unique colours! One of the big reasons I haven't bought a bunch of them is because they're not readily accessible up here. I more so have to buy online to get these so it's hard to swatch in store... since there is no store... ok I'm sure you got that lol. 

But the colour intrigued me on some swatches so I decided to just jump in and buy it. And oh my god, am I ever happy I did because this is BEAUTIFUL. Like deadly. Looks gorgeous on dark skin, just gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring at it when I had it on. Keep reading for more pics.


WOC Nude Series: Sephora by OPI - Don't Feed The Hand Models

So before I get into the post I actually updated my wish list and even uploaded my catalogue of nail polishes in THE LOOT. So jump over and take a look! If you want any of those swatched just leave a comment!

One of my ex-friends gave me a pretty sweet gift (but she was into materialistic things and only concerned with image/perception) that I was really happy to receive! Not sure how many of yall have it, but she gave me the wonderful "Glimmer Wonderland" mini Sephora by OPI (SOPI) set. There's a stock photo of it!

From the Curvy Fashionista blog - POST HERE

As you can see, there's a huge range of polishes in this! From creme to shimmer, cool to warm, metallic to frost! When I got it, I was so overwhelmed. Being a student, I didn't really buy any nail polishes and held on to my cheap Sally Hansen's with a death grip. So getting this was a breath of fresh air. A complete palette of new colours to dabble in. And surprisingly... I NEVER EVER had tried a "nude" polish before these. I always thought it was a white-girl thing. So when I swatched it for the first time, I freaked out and subsequently turned my BFF (sup Neetu) into it!

The mini SOPI are alright but they are so small that the brush isn't really big enough for my nail length. So when the SOPI line was being discontinued I went and bought the 3 nail polishes I adored from the collection (Already Famous, I'm With Brad, and Don't Feed The Hand Models).


Antiqued Olive Look (OPI 4 In the Morning + Ski Slope Sweetie + Matte)

I've kind of mentioned it before, but I usually recycle my manicures. It's an easy way to be easy on your hands and limit the amount of remover and chemicals I put on them. I have dry skin and I live in a drying climate so I try to minimize the exposure to certain things. ANYWAYS, I had on OPI's 4 In The Morning from the Gwen Stefani collection that was just released. It's GORGEOUS. I'll swatch that later. And I was surprised as hell when I realized I was on day 6 and I had no chipping, just tip wear. Which is something since I type all day at work and text all night. So that's my shout out for that polish.

I also really loved OPI's Ski Slope Sweetie from the Mariah Carey holiday collection released last year. I don't mind wearing it sheer (I usually wear it with 2 or 3 coats) because it's very pretty and subtle enough to make do for a quick mani.


OPI A Woman's Prague-ative

OPI A Woman's Prague-ative
direct sunlight
Sometimes you see a colour online and you are kinda like "meh". But then you know everyone else has got it and you kind of feel peer-pressured into trying it out? That's how I felt about this polish, OPI's A Woman's Prague-ative. I saw it swatched on a few blogs and I realized asides from the Hunger Games orange polish (China Glaze Riveting?) I don't have a lot of it. But this looked like a burnt orange in the pictures, so I figured - hey, might as well add it to my collection because chances are, I'm going to want it when it's not available (just like Skyfall and Live and Let Die... WHY DID I NOT BUY WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE.)

I got to say, this polish is WHAM! WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM! SO worth getting, and I don't think any of the pictures online really even capture the beauty of the polish. This was a surprise for me guys, I really didn't expect anything. Even when I had the first coat on I was like, "oh that's interesting its kinda red with pink with like large shimmer...hmmm" Once I had the second coat on, my eyes popped outta my fucking head that's how much of a surprise it was.

It's from the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection, and I have the following polishes from it:
A Woman's Prague-ative (what I'm showing you today)
OPI... Eurso Euro (a royal blue)
Hands Off My Kielbasa! (an interesting pink/brown)
I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw (a navy blue)
My Vampire is Buff (I've swatched it before and will re-swatch, a pink/yellow beige)
Oy-Another Polish Joke (yellow gold)
Polka.com (blue purple glitter topper)
Suzi's Hungary Again (bright medium pink)

Lemme know if you wanna see any of those - I'll probably swatch them later than sooner. :) Keep reading for the scoop on OPI's A Woman's Prague-ative.


Brazil by OPI - Liquid Sands Pt 2

I didn't want to waste your time by posting a lot here but I really do love these. My overall impression of the collection is that the packaging is nice, I'm sad they're only minis, it takes 2 thick or 3 thin coats to get opacity, and it takes less than 5 minutes to be dry to the touch but about 15-20 to be completely dry. 

Here are just some bottle shots to show you the size in case you don't know what a mini looks like. The small bottle can be a little hard to handle but it's best if you just take your time. The bottle I used was Samba-dy Loves Purple.
Mini bottle :)

shows how small the brush is, so don't rush it when you dip it in for  some polish!