V Week - OPI Heart Throb

OPI Heart Throb
Outside, low light, with flash
Well it's almost Valentines day!!! I'm just waiting for the chocolate sales hehehe. But I also treated myself to more nail polish…  I just got a huge haul from nailpolishcanada.com and omg I'm dying to try them all. I've put a bunch of them aside to do on a day where I can swatch a lot but for now I picked the one I was most excited about. It's OPI's Heart Throb. mmm nom nom nommmmm I bought it because the swatches looked so nice: soft, not as pink, subdued and sheer.

OPI's site describes it as "A rosy pink that's true love." Awwwwwww, how appropriate for vday! WHICH was a TOTAL co-in-ca-dink. I don’t ever plan out mani’s according to season or holiday really. It's part of their soft shades collection and believe it's a permanent addition.

It’s a great colour but it’s a bit darker than I thought it would be, so I was a teeeeeeeensy weeeeeeeensy bit disappointed. I would say on my skin tone, it's not a rosy pink but rather a barbie pink, it's got a slight cool undertone that's barely perceptible but there. Keep reading! It's a bit pic heavy but I tried my best to capture the colour...

What I liked most about this colour:
It’s delicate and though I hate using the description, it’s very “feminine”. The pink on me isn’t a baby pink, it’s quite bright and I don’t see the “rosy” in it. It’s not as soft as I thought, it’s bolder than the other colours I have but it still has a subdued look to it.  The application was very easy. It wasn’t watery or thick so it’s easy to control and manipulate the level of thickness. Maybe it was because of the room I was in, but it dries a teensy bit quicker than the other polishes I have for jelly-ness. I know because when I doubled the brush over a certain area it pulled and dragged a bit. But it was so miniscule and thank god it was a self-levelling nail polish. There’s no way you can tell what hand I did that on. Bonus: it's very work appropriate. It’s bold enough to have some colour but soft enough that is appropriate for those of you working in that kind of environment.

Things you should know about it:
It's sheer! Another sheer polish for me, guys! So again, if you dislike sheer then this may not be for you. You could get a similar colour that's opaque in any general nail polish. I wore 3 coats that were relatively medium-thickness. I bet a fourth would build it right up to opacity. I think this would be great for jelly sandwiches. If you don't mind the sheerness, then you could totally rock some nail art on it. It’s also not as soft as it seems. Perhaps this is a skin colour thing, so if you have darker skin it will show up a bit brighter but nothing that’s distracting or gnarly. But the good thing is that it's not opaque because if it was opaque, I think it runs the risk of looking like pepto.

What I didn't like about it:
The swatches on the interweb are a bit misleading but after trying to photograph it I realized it's one of those colours that shifts in front of a lens. I was hoping it would be a bit softer than it was and not as pink. I bought it thinking it could be a pink-nude shade but nope, this would not qualify as "nude" or "neutral" for me. So, it's a nice colour on my skin but I just don't think it's me. Other than that, there's not much else I can say about it.

WOC Friendly?
It is a decent pink shade and would look great on darker skin! I’m glad I bought it but I wouldn't re-buy it any time soon. If you like the barbie colour, you'll love it at 3 coats! 

It’s available at nailpolishcanada.com for $8.95 CAD. I’ve also seen this at many salons that carry an entire OPI display. It’ll be in the “soft shades” part usually the first 2 rows.

All have 2 layers of OPI Nail Envy, with 1 layer of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat as base, 3 coats of OPI's Heart Throb and 1 coat of Seche Vite topcoat.

OPI Heart Throb
Outside, low light, no flash
Ignore the yellow/gold bit reflecting in the nail - that was actually the sun setting in the background. A perfect yellow winter sunset! Also, my hand seems really dark in this… eek and dry. This yo-yoing between -30 and +5, then -25 and 0 degrees is just killing me. I've been using cuticle oil every night prior to bed and during the day I've been rubbing in some cuticle cream.

OPI Heart Throb
Outside, low light, no flash
This is more true to life, especially when I'm out and about. See, it's pretty sheer but at the same time it's very bright without being chalky. It's NOT a milky pink!

OPI Heart Throb
outdoors in low light, no flash
This is a good shot as well, shows the depth of the polish. I personally think that it works with my skin tone and most of the time barbie-pinks looks like pepto, but this I feel and hope doesn't!

OPI Heart Throb
indoors, low natural light behind window, no flash
This is another shot that's really close to life. Even though this pink was hard to capture, it is a pretty bright one but I think this shot reflects the softness of it - hence why it's part of the Soft Shades line.

OPI Heart Throb
indoors with flash and no additional lighting
See… kind of a barbie pink. I think I need a new hand lotion because my hands are so dry. Right now I'm using a mineral therapy lotion from St. Ives and I thought it was doing a good job but perhaps the weather is taking a toll on my skin. My face sure as hell is breaking out from the -30 weather!

OPI Heart Throb
indoors with flash and no additional lighting
The flash tends to wash out the pinkness but it does a good job of showing how it blends together.

OPI Heart Throb
indoors with low light, with flash

indoors with low light behind window, no flash

OPI Heart Throb
indoors with low light, no flash
And I just love this shot hahaha. The softness of the shade just shines and I think it's so pretty. How apropos for Vday. Any thoughts? Do any of y'all own the shade? 

peace n love

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