OPI Did It On 'Em

OPI Did It On 'EmYeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, I am so happy I got this colour. I saw that nailpolishcanada.com was selling it and I scooped it up the minute I saw it. I don't really have any colour like this but I was really happy to find something. It's kinda ugly and it's kinda sexy. Pukey and fantastic all rolled up into a thick creme formula hahaha. Good news, it doesn't clash with my skin colour. Bad news, you gotta LOVE the colour to wear the colour.
But, I see potential for this colour being used in nail art. Mix it up with pink glitter or do a tape mani with a pink/copper colour, heck even gold. I really like that combo. If I ever get the breasticles to do nail art, I'll post up here. I really hate doing it because it usually sucks ass. Anyways, read on to get the scoop on this polish.

What I liked most about this polish:
I really liked the colour - but this is one of those colours you will either love or hate because man it's weird and funky and fresh. The overall effect is just BAM! Very interesting yellow-green… that's chartreuse right? I was also glad it was opaque because if it was sheer it might have made me look sick. I think having opacity makes a difference with colours like these. I prefer it as a creme as well so that was another bonus point.

Things you should know about it:
Maybe it was just my bottle, but it's very hard to apply and to get even. If you've got nail polish thinner I'd add a couple drops to fix it up. You definitely need to have precision plus patience for this nail polish. I used thicker coats because it's easier to paint on - only because I didn't have to double back and fix any mistakes. 

What I didn't like about this polish:
The formula was very thick/streaky/draggy; this is definitely a polish that will benefit from some thinner. On the first coat it was streaky and when I when I doubled over a spot it would drag. On the second and third coats, it was the same problem but it self levelled a bit so the streak marks weren't as noticeable. Realistically, the lay person can't tell so if you're intrigued I'd get the colour because there's really not a lot of it around. Just know it's going to be thick and for you to have a light-hand.

WOC Friendly?
Definitely. I mean, it looks like puke but it's such a cool colour I would totally rock it.  I'd buy it again.

It was part of the Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 collection so it might be a little HTF but the Fiercely Fiona (also equally HTF) might serve as a double but that's all I know. Got mine for $8.95 CAD at nailpolishcanada.com

All pictures are with 3 coats of Did It On 'Em. I took these pictures outside in natural sunlight - I'll note where I didn't.
OPI Did It On 'Em
direct sunlight
You can see the streaks here but it's still pretty good.

direct sunlight
It's a nice yellow/green - kinda shrek with more yellow mixed in. There's a bit of drag on the ring finger.

OPI Did It On 'Em
shade, inside with no lighting at all except natural in background 

OPI Did It On 'Em
direct sunlight
Quintessential bottle shot

OPI Did It On 'Em
direct sunlight
I don't know why this old camera changes my skin colour. Am I really that lobster-ish? I should peel the bottoms of these shouldn't I… I never really do.

What do you think of it? Is your bottle thick like mine?

peace n love

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