Bell's Palsy Update

Hello hello,

So as you may have seen I've posted about Bell's Palsy a few times. That's because I got it in September 2013. Now, in February 2014, exactly 5 months later, I am still dealing with some of it still. For the most part, it has gone away. I do notice that when it dips down to -30 during the winter my face is really sensitive to that. If I'm waiting for the bus and the cold wind is on my face, when I got on the bus I can feel the muscles contracting under my skin. It's really weird.

Also, when I close my eyes really tight there's a muscle that contracts by chin. Eating and drinking and brushing my teeth is all normal. I just sometimes feel that my inner cheek feels weird against my tongue.

The only thing that bothers me now is the fact my face is tender. If you push on it hard it hurts :(

But, I'm happy its gone. I definitely appreciate things much more.

Just wanted a quick update. I'm glad i'm in recovery :)

Peace n love

P.S. If you have any questions about Bells Palsy or are going through it - please don't hesitate to reach out. I know a few blogs definitely helped me out when I was going through the majority of it :)


  1. Hey! So happy to hear that your BP is almost gone. I got it about 10 years ago and unfortunately mine never went away 100%. I did improve a lot from those initial weeks, but I still have residual weakness and do have synkinesis which is pretty annoying. I really notice the BP acting up when it is cold (like yours) and also when I am very tired or stressed. As traumatic as it has been, maybe I've accepted that my face will never be the same again and that has given me *some* peace, but I still miss my smile.

    1. I like to think of my new smile as a battle wound :) The weakness is very annoying because it feels SO weird! I especially notice it when I am singing because the inside of my mouth feels weird and I can't really hold the notes or make proper "ooohs" without my lip quivering like mad! Fortunately my smile has kinda remained but when I talk my mouth moves weirder than before and I can't really tell. But my biggest concern is being a trumpet player... I haven't played in a year or two and I'm scared what it did to my skills :(

      But at least we made it through and I'm very thankful it didn't last longer than it did, or more permanent than it did! It definitely taught me to take a break - especially like you said, it acts up when i'm tired and stressed too... just reminds me to take a breather and causes me to prioritize.


Thanks for your comment, means a lot!!