Bell's Palsy Day 13 Update

Well it's day 13 and I'm still holding to the fact that this will resolve by the end of this week, under 20 days. I don't know why, I've just have had the feeling since I've been diagnosed that it will be gone by the end of this week. Y'all may be like, nah bro you just have a bad case of wishful thinking. But hey guys, I am known for feeling things like this because I'm like semi-psychic... legit. So I stick to my feeling this will be gone by the end of this week.

Now I believe that a little bit more. Why? On Day 11 I felt a really strong "pulling" feeling in my affected cheek. I couldn't see it but I definitely felt it. As if a fish hook had pulled my cheek or something. And that was fucking awesome! Then on Day 12 as I was trying to sleep, I felt more twitching in my cheek and eyelid.

Today as I was talking I felt some pressure in my cheek and went to the bathroom at work to check and if I try hard enough the corner of my mouth pulls upwards a little bit! PROGRESS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

So you know, I'm glad I can see some progress. I still can't blink all the way or close my eye. And that headache is STILL there constantly. My face is still sore (and has been for days). I had a severe case of BP, extreme (yes, dare I say, debilitating) pain for days prior to onset and woke up within a few hours to seeing absolutely no movement except for minimal eye blinking, and diminished sensation on the affected side.

It was fun being a pirate, or being able to sneeze with one eye open but I'm so over it and can't wait to BLINK again. I can't wait to TASTE again!!! I can't wait to SMILE! I can't wait to raise my fucking eyebrows when I talk because damn I use my face a lot. I also can't wait to flare my nostrils or twitch my ear. Ugh and as much as I hate brushing my teeth I will be so happy when I can do it properly without getting toothpaste all over myself. No more chapped lips!!! No more drinking straws!!! No more dirty shirts!!!!

And most of all, it will be amazing to be able to play the trumpet and sing again!

I'm optimistic because I feel the end is near...

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  1. OMG YAAAAYYY FOR TWITCHING!!!!!! I am so happy for you!
    Progress indeed!!! <3 <3


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