Bell's Palsy


I had a cold for almost all of last week. Then I woke up on Sunday and went to work... as I worked I noticed that I had this pain in my neck/behind my ear and in my shoulder. All on the right side. So I popped a few advil and nothing happened. Next day it got a little bit worse but not much. Popped a couple more advil - again no relief. THEN, on Tuesday, I went to my day job and I felt like crying from the pain. It felt so painful in my jaw, behind my ear in the skull and in my neck. So I took a couple extra strength Tylenol this time... and guess what? No relief. So later that day I took an extra strength Advil this time and same thing no relief.

I tossed and turned all night long, with moments of such intense pain I started to tear up. I knew I had to go to the doctor but I've had back spasms before so I took some muscle relaxants. I woke up later and it was a tiny bit better so I decided to sleep some more. When I woke up at 10, I went to take a shower and washed my face. I noticed my eye didn't close all the way but thought that was because I just woke up. When I went to clean my nose piercing I noticed something weird and looked in the mirror.

The right side of my face was a bit droopy and swollen.

So I smiled and blinked.

But... the right side didn't move.

Immediately I got dressed, ran downstairs and told my sister we have to go to the ER because I think I'm either having a bad reaction to the muscle relaxants or it's a stroke.

After 7 blood pressure readings, a blood sugar reading, blood test (after three attempts to draw blood), urine test, an ECG and a CT scan... they determined I must have Bell's Palsy.


The right side of my face is slightly paralyzed. I can't close my eye either so it's so dry all the time and I've been putting in drops. I get to wear a patch to sleep too... but I'm in a lot of pain so who knows if I sleep. I also can't taste much on my right side of the tongue and have to eat smaller things and softer things.

Looks like I might stop the 31DC2013 for now... but we'll see.

Hope my face gets better, I can't stand looking at myself when I laugh or smile: I look scary!

peace n love y'all

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  1. *hugs.* I hope all this goes away really soon. You're the last person in the world that this should happen to!


Thanks for your comment, means a lot!!