#31DC2013 Day Four - Green Nails

Day Four - Green Nails... hmmmmm I've just recently been getting into green because I finally found some beautiful nail polishes. And one of them is my all time favourites, Green With Envy by Orly. It's so gorg (I will do a review with dSLR pics later)

Here is something I've been dying to try out so I decided to do it today on green nails... I hope you like haha but don't judge too harshly its my first attempt ever at freehand nail art like this (not just a single line here and there)!

I really am proud of them :)

Orly in Green With Envy
Orly in Pixy Stix
Colour Club in Ooh La La
Colour Club in Revealed ** mixed with Ooh La La to lighten
LA Colours Art Deco in Black
Seche Vite Top Coat

all pics are inside under fluorescent lighting unless otherwise noted!

inside, no flash, in shade


peace n love y'all


  1. Very pretty - please add a follow via email widget...I really dislike Bloglovin - and often it is not been working for many folks in the past 2 weeks. They have problems they wrote me but have not been able to get it working on all their servers so some get it and some cannot reach anything from their dashboard...i have to look at the blog name from the window in the dash and then go to Google and try and pull up the blogs there. ... it's the last thing I will take time to do in a busy day.

    1. Sure! I added it to the side :)

  2. Very nice! Its a very good first attempt! :-)


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