#31DC2013 Day Three - Yellow Nails

Day Three - Yellow...

Also known as my most dreaded day in the challenge... considering I don't like yellow and only own two yellow nail polishes. Yes, that's it, just two... so I was at a loss as to what to do. But it's a challenge for a reason. So I came up with this idea... a really mild and subtle gradient.

What did you guys think? Can you even tell it's a gradient?

Colour Club Ooh La La (as a base)
China Glaze Lighthouse
No topcoat

Unfortunately I don't have my dSLR at the moment so my canon will have to do, sorry for pic quality

inside, with flash

The China Glaze polish, Lighthouse, is really nice especially since it is distinctively more yellow than gold - which is a welcome change. Its grainy on its own so putting a thick top coat will help with that. It is very thin so if you don't have a base there is VNL. But I think this is a unique polish and it comes from the Nautical line CG released a while ago. I like it!

 inside, with flash

inside, no flash and in the shade

The Colour Club polish, Ooh La La, is a really nice white. But - like most, it's a streakkkkkky mess. It takes about 3-4 coats for it to level out but once it's on the shimmer in it prevents it from being too stark. It acted as a good base to this as the thin streaky coats dried quickly. 

inside, flash - probably the best gradient capture :)

peace n love y'all

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  1. Can't believe I missed this post. I really wanted to do a yellow color on my toes this summer but the pedicure lady told me it would look bad -___- But I LOVE this metallic yellow, I think it looks way prettier than just a cream finish yellow color.


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