Bell's Palsy Update

Hey everyone,

So now I'm onto day 6 with BP. Haven't noticed much change but I've heard that usually people wake up and they're faces are back to normal. I hope my smile isn't as crooked.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, you know, my friends are supportive and my family too. I ended up going to my cousin's engagement party on Saturday night and that's when you can see people's faces kind of contort to figure out what's wrong. I just told everyone that I went to the dentist and couldn't move my mouth. Most people bought it, but a lot of people asked me "is everything good?" or "you doing good?" It's like they wanted to ask "what the fuck happened to your face dude?!" but didn't know how. I can appreciate that.

I will say my ear hurts a lot more now. It's like having an ear infection (that similar type of inner ear pain that doesn't go away with anything) and certain sounds end up being magnified 10x in my right ear (which is the effected side). Like the other day I wanted to get out of my house so I went with my BFF to go get some comfort food from Denny's. Well, I couldn't really eat it first of all which was uber depressing. And second I couldn't entirely taste everything. And thirdly when we went to pay someone dropped a bunch of cutlery in the cutlery area and yeah, it was shockingly LOUD.


I do notice that I'm more tired and I'm coming off the prednisone so I feel weaker but that's about it. I tried doing my nails for the BW day BUT I just couldn't focus on them so alas I must hang up my boots and continue i when I am more able.

Well thanks for reading,

peace n love from Two-Face

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  1. I want to slap whoever dropped all that damn cutlery!!! I'm glad you still went to the engagement party though. I <3 you dude.


Thanks for your comment, means a lot!!