#31DC2013 Day Two - Orange Nails

So for day two it was orange. Now... I realized I only have TWO orange nailpolishes in my stash! Usually I'd consider this a reason to go shopping but I just don't care for orange nail polishes which is ironic since orange is my favourite colour!

Anyways, I didn't know what to do and was relatively uninspired but I've never done a half moon manicure before so I decided to give it a go... without further ado, here's day two:

China Glaze Life Preserver
Nail Art White Striping Polish
Seche Vite Top Coat

outside in natural sunlight

I really do adore this nail polish colour, its very dusty and fall and more orange than my pictures seem. It's easy to apply and is shiny even without top coat! Last time I wore this it was easy to remove and had little staining (I didn't put on base coat last time). The winning quality about this nail polish is definitely the dustyness and smooth application. Definitely one of my favourite oranges that I've tried!

 outside in natural sunlight - I attempted to do the right hand as well LOL its so bad

 outside in natural sunlight

outside in natural sunlight

check out the other day two nails below :)

Peace n love y'all

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