Bell's Palsy Update

Well, here's day 8.

It's pretty much the same as before, still can't fully blink or close my eye and I've still not mastered how to tape my eye shut. The lid just pops open over night and I wake up and when I remove the tape its all dried and gunky (oh so sexy right?). Last night was really bad I just couldn't get comfortable, I felt there was too much pressure coming down on my eye and I re-taped it maybe 3 times. So much for trying to get some rest.

The biggest thing I've noticed is that my face actually hurts. It feels bruised and very tender. Sometimes when I'm sleeping and switch sides the pressure on my face hurts. It's mostly around my jawline and the eye area, specifically my temple and the centre of my cheek. And of course on the paralyzed side.

Prior to my BP onset, I had this nearly debilitating pain in the back of my head/near the ear/near the base of my skull. And no matter what I did it didn't go away (I now know that this was the nerve being inflamed). It wasn't ear pain, it was more INSIDE my head. So I was slightly revisited by that pain last night. It definitely was not as bad as before, maybe only 30% of the original pain but it was like a ghost coming to visit. I'm not sure what that means... perhaps the virus is not gone yet and it is becoming re-inflamed. OR maybe it's healing!!! (I hope).

Doc visit tomorrow, and that's about it.

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