Bell's Palsy Day 13 Update

Well it's day 13 and I'm still holding to the fact that this will resolve by the end of this week, under 20 days. I don't know why, I've just have had the feeling since I've been diagnosed that it will be gone by the end of this week. Y'all may be like, nah bro you just have a bad case of wishful thinking. But hey guys, I am known for feeling things like this because I'm like semi-psychic... legit. So I stick to my feeling this will be gone by the end of this week.

Now I believe that a little bit more. Why? On Day 11 I felt a really strong "pulling" feeling in my affected cheek. I couldn't see it but I definitely felt it. As if a fish hook had pulled my cheek or something. And that was fucking awesome! Then on Day 12 as I was trying to sleep, I felt more twitching in my cheek and eyelid.

Today as I was talking I felt some pressure in my cheek and went to the bathroom at work to check and if I try hard enough the corner of my mouth pulls upwards a little bit! PROGRESS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

So you know, I'm glad I can see some progress. I still can't blink all the way or close my eye. And that headache is STILL there constantly. My face is still sore (and has been for days). I had a severe case of BP, extreme (yes, dare I say, debilitating) pain for days prior to onset and woke up within a few hours to seeing absolutely no movement except for minimal eye blinking, and diminished sensation on the affected side.

It was fun being a pirate, or being able to sneeze with one eye open but I'm so over it and can't wait to BLINK again. I can't wait to TASTE again!!! I can't wait to SMILE! I can't wait to raise my fucking eyebrows when I talk because damn I use my face a lot. I also can't wait to flare my nostrils or twitch my ear. Ugh and as much as I hate brushing my teeth I will be so happy when I can do it properly without getting toothpaste all over myself. No more chapped lips!!! No more drinking straws!!! No more dirty shirts!!!!

And most of all, it will be amazing to be able to play the trumpet and sing again!

I'm optimistic because I feel the end is near...


Bell's Palsy Update

Well, here's day 8.

It's pretty much the same as before, still can't fully blink or close my eye and I've still not mastered how to tape my eye shut. The lid just pops open over night and I wake up and when I remove the tape its all dried and gunky (oh so sexy right?). Last night was really bad I just couldn't get comfortable, I felt there was too much pressure coming down on my eye and I re-taped it maybe 3 times. So much for trying to get some rest.

The biggest thing I've noticed is that my face actually hurts. It feels bruised and very tender. Sometimes when I'm sleeping and switch sides the pressure on my face hurts. It's mostly around my jawline and the eye area, specifically my temple and the centre of my cheek. And of course on the paralyzed side.

Prior to my BP onset, I had this nearly debilitating pain in the back of my head/near the ear/near the base of my skull. And no matter what I did it didn't go away (I now know that this was the nerve being inflamed). It wasn't ear pain, it was more INSIDE my head. So I was slightly revisited by that pain last night. It definitely was not as bad as before, maybe only 30% of the original pain but it was like a ghost coming to visit. I'm not sure what that means... perhaps the virus is not gone yet and it is becoming re-inflamed. OR maybe it's healing!!! (I hope).

Doc visit tomorrow, and that's about it.


Bell's Palsy Update

Hey everyone,

So now I'm onto day 6 with BP. Haven't noticed much change but I've heard that usually people wake up and they're faces are back to normal. I hope my smile isn't as crooked.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, you know, my friends are supportive and my family too. I ended up going to my cousin's engagement party on Saturday night and that's when you can see people's faces kind of contort to figure out what's wrong. I just told everyone that I went to the dentist and couldn't move my mouth. Most people bought it, but a lot of people asked me "is everything good?" or "you doing good?" It's like they wanted to ask "what the fuck happened to your face dude?!" but didn't know how. I can appreciate that.

I will say my ear hurts a lot more now. It's like having an ear infection (that similar type of inner ear pain that doesn't go away with anything) and certain sounds end up being magnified 10x in my right ear (which is the effected side). Like the other day I wanted to get out of my house so I went with my BFF to go get some comfort food from Denny's. Well, I couldn't really eat it first of all which was uber depressing. And second I couldn't entirely taste everything. And thirdly when we went to pay someone dropped a bunch of cutlery in the cutlery area and yeah, it was shockingly LOUD.


I do notice that I'm more tired and I'm coming off the prednisone so I feel weaker but that's about it. I tried doing my nails for the BW day BUT I just couldn't focus on them so alas I must hang up my boots and continue i when I am more able.

Well thanks for reading,

peace n love from Two-Face


#31DC2013 Day Five - Blue Nails

blue, gradient, blue nail polish, stripes, vertical stripes
Well here we go with Day Five - BLUEEEE nails.

The paralysis and pain is still here today so I am just sitting here resting and watching old Bollywood movies. Right now I'm watching Aaina.

Anyways, nails.

I felt really uninspired today as blue isn't really a favourite nail colour of mine. I decided to do this striped gradient. Not a huge fan but eh, you win some you lose some.


Bell's Palsy


I had a cold for almost all of last week. Then I woke up on Sunday and went to work... as I worked I noticed that I had this pain in my neck/behind my ear and in my shoulder. All on the right side. So I popped a few advil and nothing happened. Next day it got a little bit worse but not much. Popped a couple more advil - again no relief. THEN, on Tuesday, I went to my day job and I felt like crying from the pain. It felt so painful in my jaw, behind my ear in the skull and in my neck. So I took a couple extra strength Tylenol this time... and guess what? No relief. So later that day I took an extra strength Advil this time and same thing no relief.

I tossed and turned all night long, with moments of such intense pain I started to tear up. I knew I had to go to the doctor but I've had back spasms before so I took some muscle relaxants. I woke up later and it was a tiny bit better so I decided to sleep some more. When I woke up at 10, I went to take a shower and washed my face. I noticed my eye didn't close all the way but thought that was because I just woke up. When I went to clean my nose piercing I noticed something weird and looked in the mirror.

The right side of my face was a bit droopy and swollen.

So I smiled and blinked.

But... the right side didn't move.

Immediately I got dressed, ran downstairs and told my sister we have to go to the ER because I think I'm either having a bad reaction to the muscle relaxants or it's a stroke.

After 7 blood pressure readings, a blood sugar reading, blood test (after three attempts to draw blood), urine test, an ECG and a CT scan... they determined I must have Bell's Palsy.


The right side of my face is slightly paralyzed. I can't close my eye either so it's so dry all the time and I've been putting in drops. I get to wear a patch to sleep too... but I'm in a lot of pain so who knows if I sleep. I also can't taste much on my right side of the tongue and have to eat smaller things and softer things.

Looks like I might stop the 31DC2013 for now... but we'll see.

Hope my face gets better, I can't stand looking at myself when I laugh or smile: I look scary!

peace n love y'all

#31DC2013 Day Four - Green Nails

Day Four - Green Nails... hmmmmm I've just recently been getting into green because I finally found some beautiful nail polishes. And one of them is my all time favourites, Green With Envy by Orly. It's so gorg (I will do a review with dSLR pics later)

Here is something I've been dying to try out so I decided to do it today on green nails... I hope you like haha but don't judge too harshly its my first attempt ever at freehand nail art like this (not just a single line here and there)!

I really am proud of them :)


#31DC2013 Day Three - Yellow Nails

Day Three - Yellow...

Also known as my most dreaded day in the challenge... considering I don't like yellow and only own two yellow nail polishes. Yes, that's it, just two... so I was at a loss as to what to do. But it's a challenge for a reason. So I came up with this idea... a really mild and subtle gradient.

What did you guys think? Can you even tell it's a gradient?



I just read the best news ever here... like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!



I just read this on wackylaki's blog!!! God bless her for delivering the news of the day! Check it the official details on Anutka's Blog!!!



peace n love y'all 


#31DC2013 Day Two - Orange Nails

So for day two it was orange. Now... I realized I only have TWO orange nailpolishes in my stash! Usually I'd consider this a reason to go shopping but I just don't care for orange nail polishes which is ironic since orange is my favourite colour!

Anyways, I didn't know what to do and was relatively uninspired but I've never done a half moon manicure before so I decided to give it a go... without further ado, here's day two:


#31DC2013 - Day One, Red Nails aka The Devil Wears Prada


Well here we are embarking on this 31 day challenge... kinda scary but here we go!! Can't believe I'm late on the first day though (technically as I'm writing this it isn't midnight yet so it's still September 1!!)

Day one is RED NAILS! :)
With the colours I used, I immediately thought of the title The Devil Wears Prada... nope nothing to do with the movie but I think the nail polish names just work well with that title hahahaha. I really liked the mani... there's something sexy yet sinister about it. Not so good with the tape technique sorry ladies, I know a lot of my racing stripes aren't centered. Oops :$

Natural evening sunlight
I have no idea why my thumb is tucked LOL sorry it looks super awkward...