OPI My Vampire is Buff - swatches

OPI My Vampire is Buff
-    Light beige with peach undertones, creme
-    Very nice and warm on my skin tone, but very bright

Lezbehonest here, my vampire is Angel. #dreamysigh I think I totally know what series I'm gonna be drooling over once I finish Criminal Minds (ugh can someone just buy me Season 8). Obvi I could not resist when you put the word vampire in a damn nail polish name ugh can we talk about colliding weaknesses!?!? So I saw the bottle sitting on the shelf and thought to myself "that's kinda fugly" and then I grabbed the bottle and turned it around "fuck its vampire colour!" and decided it'd look nice. Hahaha.

So I came home with my haul and tried it out. And it was a hot streaky mess and looked WAY to white against my skin. Like no. Helllllllllllll nahhhhhhhh get dat shit OFFAME.

So I put it away and was thinking who I could gift it to.

Until last night (last night a DJ saved my lifeee). I was going to do another saran wrap mani and got everything ready. Lined up my bottles cut up my saran and even had base coat with me. I tried to fix my broken nail (didn't happen) and decided to slap on MVIB.
One coat - fucking streaky mess.
Two coats - looks like someone took streamers through my nails.
Three coats - hmmm... it's kinda levelling out.

OK I LOVE IT. It's totally not what I thought when I originally put it on. Even in the swatches online I didn't like it. I thought it leaned yellowy beige. But no - I mean, listen, it's beige-y alright, BUT it's got the slightest hint of pink in it. Not shimmer or anything but my lord, just the smallest leaning to pink. And it sealed it for me. This colour is bright on my nails and especially with my darker skin, but its so gorg. It doesn't gray me or wash me out and it doesn't look chalky at all.

It seems like a perfect base for nail art as well. I mean once you have it on and levelled out.


i.                    MVIB is gorgeous. And I didn't think so but you gotta put a few coats on and let it level.
ii.                  MVIB is easy to remove once on and didn't have a super long dry time. Plus it didn't pool :) & OPI brushes are really good to handle so that helped.
iii.                The colour seems like a very good base for nail art (like My Boyfriend Scales Walls... but this is much warmer than that).

i.                    ... just a streaky nightmare. But a light hand and steadyness helps its level after a couple coats. I apply like a n00b so there's that also.

i.                    Soft, "feminine", and entirely work appropriate!
ii.                  Judging from the swatches, would look good on a range of skin tones but perhaps not as pink on some.
iv.                Seems seasonal and would work on many levels. Can dress these up quicly with some topcoats or studs, some nail art too for the savvy. But definitely a good basic and I'd recommend it.

i.                   Should be available readily at a salon that sells OPI who has the Euro Centrale collection available. I bought mine at my beauty supplier.
ii.                  You can still buy online @ nailpolishcanada.com and other etailers. 


 outside, more shade than light
you can see a bit of the pink leaning in this picture but it was hard to capture, irl it looks a bit more pinker

 outside, with flash (since it was full of shade)

 and God said, LET THERE BE LIGHT! Hahaha, and the sun came out... the orange on my hand is remnants of mehndi

 outside sunshine :)

peace n love

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  1. AWESOME photos, the quality is amazing and you can see the color really well.
    That polish actually looks so good on you. I'm glad that it had the vampire name because it looks so so so so so so good. Really clean and manicured look.


Thanks for your comment, means a lot!!