Models Own Tropical Sun Swatch

Models Own, Tropical Sun, swatch

Models Own in Tropical Sun
- - 4 thin coats
- - pink with coral/gold duochrome & silver microglitter
Essie in snap happy
- - 1 thin coat as base for Tropical Sun
- - bold orange, very "spicy"
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

When I was going on a nail polish fix I was searching for a nice orange coral with pink and gold shimmer...so I thought that Tropical Sun by models OWN would be it. Ordered it, saw it in the box and died a little of happiness. Waited a while to try it and now I'm finally swatching it! So last night I reached into my tray of polish and looked at the bottle and fell in love again. *this is also where I did that creepy Mr Grinch smile and laugh*

Then I took it downstairs and opened the bottle and as soon as I lifted the big white top off I saw PINK. Now my eyebrows furrowed and needless to say I was fucking confused. I thought the polish was orange? Not pink? But it's kinda pink with a hint or orange... or is it gold? So I was actually upset. You know you're a freak NPA when your emotions change that much because of a slight difference in expected vs real colour.

So whatever, I got pissed and decided to do it anyways for the benefit of the internet world. And there it was, pink with a goldy coral shimmer and flecks of what I assume is silver microglitter. It was ok, I think the only reason I was disappointed was because I wanted one thing but acquired something else. It looks bomb on my skin tone though so that's not a problem. I imagine if you are even darker it would look even more gorg!


i. very summery!
ii. duochrome is a little weak but it's got a subtle shift in it that is really gorgeous. The duochrome is really noticeable in sunlight.
iii. has depth - you have an almost shimmer duochrome but the larger silver particles adds an extra oomph
iv. sheer enough for layering/top coating - would look great on other colours in the same palette like a baby pink or a brighter orange. I think it worked nicely with the shimmerless snap happy

i. sheer so if you can't stand the VNL then this might be a 4-5 coater for you or just don't get it
ii. thinner formula and found it dried fast on the brush so it was tacky at the top of the bottle - work quick!
iii. on nail longer dry time (maybe I'm an idiot though)... I waited an hour and 10 minutes before I went to bed and I had a bunch of bed marks when I woke up :(
iv. chips easier, granted I didn't put a top coat on but I was disappointed that within 4 hours at work my nails were all chipped

i. super summery and got a nice shimmer to it so can at least wear in summer
ii. looks great on darker skin tone!!! Perhaps it appeared pinker because my skin was darker but still, it's a pink-based coral that is dark skin friendly :)
iii. I wore it to the office and felt it was work appropriate especially if it's summer

i. I was worried about removal for some reason, just because I put so many coats on and it seemed to have a gritty feel to it - but no worries it removed just as easy as other polishes

i. I purchased it off nailpolishcanada.com
ii. modelsOWN isn't readily available in Western Canada but thanks to the website it's very accessible
iii. $8/bottle - I'd buy another colour but not this one again

models own, tropical sun, swatch
inside, no flash (cloudy day)

Models Own, Tropical Sun, swatch
outside natural sunlight (cloud cover)
you can see how pink the actual colour is. There is a super strong gold duochrome effect though!

Models Own, Tropical Sun, swatch
outside natural sunlight (cloud cover)

Models Own, Tropical Sun, swatch
inside with flash
can really see the VNL here and how sheer it is.

inside with flash

Models Own, Tropical Sun, swatch
outside (shade) & no flash 
THIS picture shows the tiny silver microglitter in the nailpolish - so I'd say that Tropical Sun is a sheer lighter coral leaning pink with silver microglitter & a gold duochrome sheen 

I hope that helps you in your quest for coral... leave comments or questions below!

peace n looove

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  1. Thank you for swatching this! I was thinking to get this, but after seeing your post, I'll pass. It's not something I want to get, afterall.


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