China Glaze Platinum Pearl

Yo yo yooo got some tight white nails for you this post...

Lady Diana Manicure
China Glaze in Platinum Pearl
- - 3 coats
- - pearly silvery-white (so basically platinum pearl....)
NYC in Starry Silver Glitter
- - two coats over PP
- - blue and pink hex glitter with small holographic flitter in a clear base
OPI Top Coat

I've got this weird complex regarding dark skin and light nail polishes, which I don't think is very weird and probably many of you have dealt with it. First off I am usually irate at the fact the sheers seem to be only geared towards lighter skinned peeps so that when I put it on, it looks 10 shades too light and loses the sheer/nude/soft effect I was going for. Then you just wasted $9 on a nailpolish that you can't even wear that often and wish you could return and yada yada yada (insert Seinfeld link here)

And in the middle of all that I have always wanted to own white nail polish and rock it on all 5 fingers bare. But I didn't want to wear it because I thought it would look very juvenile and stupid (not chic and bold like I felt) on my dark skin. It'd be such a contrast!! And even worse, I was afraid of being made fun of for "whiteout nails" - you guys remember back in junior high girls would sit in class and use the whiteout on their nails? Not only did it stink and paint on streaky, it just was something certain types of girls did at my particular junior high (hehe). SO needless to say at the ripe old age of 25 I've finally gotten over it and decided I want to rock some fucking white ass nails.


i. I really liked the finish of PP, very elegant and frosty
ii. can build up easily
iii. bold yet neutral
iv. for the NYC, really nice combination of glitter & the holo is muy bien (I also have a Sally Hansen dupe)

i. the biggest one is the streakiness, if you do not like streaks this is NOT a good one for you. Even with the topcoat I couldn't get rid of them, just such a bad formula for that!!
ii. if VNL is no bueno then you might need 4 coats of this
iii. I didn't like how dark the glitter seemed at some angles even though it was much brighter in the bottle. Could be because it was against the white?

i. very seasonal, can wear in winter summer and spring!!
ii. I wouldn't say it's 100% work appropriate, but that depends on how much you build it up I guess - there's something weird about white nail polish

i. VERY easy removal for Platinum Pearl, couple swipes and bam it was off
ii. Easy removal for Starry Silver Glitter (way easier than I thought) - I just kept the cotton ball on top for about 10 seconds and swiped it, it came off well. The bigger glitter pieces came off with a bit more work.

i. I purchased PP off www.nailpolishcanada.com
ii. I've seen it in Chatters in the $5 clearance bin
iii. $6.95 CND - I'd buy it again
iv. NYC glitter is WAY cheap like $2 at Wal-Mart!!!!! I haven't seen it at places like Shoppers or Superstore but Walmart/Target always house NYC polishes

It was raining outside so I couldn't go and take pics outdoors sorrrrry, but still got some decent shots!

indoors, natural sunlight

 indoors, natural sunlight, unfocused to show the holographic glitter

 indoor flash

 indoor no flash but darker environment. The holo on an angle looks like sugar on my nail doesn't it...

 indoor flash

 indoor flash unfocused - I loved the glitter!

indoor flash - I love my blackberry

peace n love

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