OPI - Lights of Emerald City & My Pointe Exactly!

OPI My Pointe Exactly! (MPE)
-    Sheer grey jelly
-    Cool on lighter skin tones but a little warm on mine, wasn't a cold feeling colour at all
OPI Lights of Emerald City (LoEC)
-    Clear based, large white square glitter with iridescent medium glitter

I’m listening to Sleepwalker by Adam Lambert right now as I write this. Kind of depressing song and I think I kind of felt that about this mani – very melancholy and introverted. I loved it. (Jeez can you tell I’m an English major or what).

I’ll be honest, I’ve been lemming after this polish for a while but never bought it (for some reason). So I caved a while ago and bought and was so excited to have it in my hands. It didn’t disappoint… minus the fact I think I mis-applied it.

The Oz collection… now some people hate it, some like it. I personally really liked the soft shades. It’s still Oz but not as typical as you would think. Way artsy-er. My friend first bought Lights of Emerald City and I was like “when the hell are you gonna use square glitter, looks stoopid” and then I had on all these light femme colours and kept dreaming of putting that on top… so I decided to buy it and omg I am so happy I did.


i.                    MPE is such a beautiful and soft grey that’s not harsh or chalky against my darker skin tone. It applied well you just need a bit of lighter hand when you do it.
ii.                  LoEC is gorg. Simply GORRRRRGGGGGGGGG. It works so well with soft colours and I’m so glad I have it.
iii.                The white glitter is unique so when you wear a softer mani it doesn’t have to be plain… this dresses it up quite well. Little bit of square, little bit of shine, little bit of mystery!!

i.                    Oh jeez. I used 5-6 coats of MPE to get it to this opacity. Yeah, seriously, I ain’t lying yo, 5-6 coats!!!! I know I was all up on Scrangie’s blog and she didn't use that many so that leads me to believe I need to use thicker coats! But I just couldn't level them properly without pooling had it been thicker… so next time I use it I’ll have to experiment.
ii.                  LoEC is really THICK. Like way thicker than it needs to be. I used 2 coats on my ring finger and there’s lil’ air bubbo’s!!!!! So annoyed about that. I guess you can’t pile glitter on in this polish. Do one coat, let it completely dry THEN apply a second. Either way I’m attacking it with a thinner upon next paintjob.
iii.                LoEC is a bit harder to remove. Some of the glitter attached itself pretty nicely so I had to work a bit to get them off which for some reason I didn’t expect. It was easier considering I had like 6 coats of polish underneath tho -__-

i.                    SUPER SOFT and SUPER WORK APPROPRIATE!
ii.                  Judging from the swatches, would look good on a range of skin tones – cus I know it looks bomb on mine. :D
iii.                Didn’t chip quickly so that’s a bonus!
iv.                Extremely easy to remove to remove MPE, need to work a wee bit for LoEC.

i.                    Both should be available readily at a salon that sells OPI. The NYC Ballet range is available at most of these stores but I bought mine at my beauty supplier.
ii.                  Lights of Emerald City might be a bit harder to find especially if they’ve run out of that collection! It was in high demand at my beauty supplier so I bought it at Green Apple Hair Salon for $9.95. But you can get both for $8.95 @ nailpolishcanada.com


 outside natural sunlight
I really love how soft this is!!!!!!! Just so gorgeous and romantic and melancholy

 outside natural sunlight
You can definitely see the VNL but its very nice and it defeinitely didn't make me feel chalky or washed out
 outside shade
you can see the nice reflecting quality in the LoEC

 outside natural sunlight

inside shade

 outside low light

How amazing :) 

peace n love

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