Nubar Midnight Glory

Sometimes, you get a polish and you're not totally invested in the bottle. So you just go with the flow and decide to try it... that's what happened to me when my sister was in town and she told me she wanted a mani. I for one have never had a manicure done EVER and to be honest I feel really weird getting them...especially with my older sister who loves getting them, I guess I don't get the appeal but she convinced me (more like harassed) to try it before I knock it. So, I decided to go.

So I went to the little nail wall with the all the polishes and saw a light blue one with some shimmer in it and in haste (the manicurist was behind me watching me like a hawk yo) I picked it up and handed it to her. I sat down and my sister looked over and commented on my nail polish choice "Why do you always pick ugly colours?" (I never pick ugly colours -___-) and I said "Dude I don't know it looked nice and summery and I don't have anything close to it." (really I just picked the closest thing to me without paying attn... plus it was one of the only colours there besides pink or red)

And with that the lady painted one coat on my hand... and that coat changed my life. I did a double take as my eyes opened wide, my jaw slightly dropped and I said "Holy shit this is a fucking beautiful colour. LOOK!" and shoved my hand over to my sister who kindly responded with "You like the colour of fungus though."

And thereafter, I fell in love. A light blue, sheer, duochrome with gold shimmer at one angle and pink shimmer at another. The most beautiful colour I've seen in a long time, probably the most beautiful colour I've ever seen on my own hands. If you were to ask me what I imagine heaven to look like I would say that an angel gathered the sun rays coming through clouds and put it in a bottle for me so I don't have to imagine any more. So beautiful. It should be renamed Heaven's Glory not Midnight Glory.

Alas, woe is me. For I cannot find this nail polish anywhere that delivers to Canada. I sincerely hope I can get a bottle of this... two even because it's simply gorgeous. I need, want, will kill for (jk I wouldn't actually...), desire, pine for etc. this bottled heaven... #dreamysigh

pictures after the jump....

Nubar in Midnight Glory
- - blue sheer np with pink/gold duochrome
Salon Top & Base coats

ii. Lasted forever (which in my world of constant typing is more than 7 days)
iii. Beautiful duochrome shimmer and endless angling in the sun, inside your home, at work etc
iv. Seems perfect for layering - can put over a baby blue for more a blue pop (and eliminate the VNL) and I imagine would look gorg over a cool pink or white

i. I have absolutely none but if you don't like VNL then this may not be for you (though it pains me to say!)

i. I personally feel it is soft enough to wear to work
ii. Enough shimmers that it works well with jewelry and and summer clothing
iii. Probably a spring/summer shade rather than fall/winter but I'd wear it year round - adding a white gliter on top can give it a wintery feel :)
iv. I put a flakie & holographic glitter top coat before I took it off to evaluate how nice they look and they work really well (esp the silver glitter I had) but I prefer it naked

i. surprisingly had to work a bit to get the colour off so it's not super easy but definitely not hard
ii. went through 5 cotton balls because the colour came on so dense

ii. I'll pay for it whatever is haha :)


Ayo, bes colour I tink so bruv - iz me fave mon
nubar midnight glory swatch
 natural sunlight, blue base with pink & gold #dreamysigh

nubar midnight glory swatch
 natural sunlight + flash

 inside, flash

nubar midnight glory swatch
 inside, no flash - just wanted to show the duochrome and hidden gold that just pops inside its gorgeousssssss

nubar midnight glory swatch
 inside, no flash

nubar midnight glory swatch
inside, no flash

peace n loveeee


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