I took the plunge

Yee you heard right... I took the plunge and shelled out $50 on stamping paraphernalia.

So hopefully I will be able to use these because the previous set I bought I just could not work at all! But this time I bought a Konad stamper so we shall see what happens!

Happy long weekend - post coming as soon as I have time to sit down!

peace n love


  1. We have a stamping set but it NEVER WORKS for me. :( I can't wait to see what you do with the stamps! Is it a Konad set?

    1. No its just the Konad stamper and Bundle Monster nail plates! Hmmm.... you should try filing down your stamper and see if it works. I remember you guys showed me when I came over once and I was like who the fuck would use those.



Thanks for your comment, means a lot!!