Guess who's joining the #31DC2013

Well I've always been too scared to join the nail art challenges because compared to some of the masters out there... my stuff looks like shit.

But regardless...

Here I am - COMMITTING to something (shockerrrrr)...

Here's the line up:

Between my two jobs and social life I'm not too sure how far I will get  but I am pretty nervous and excited. Got some ideas already :)

All starts on September 1!

peace n love


OPI My Vampire is Buff - swatches

OPI My Vampire is Buff
-    Light beige with peach undertones, creme
-    Very nice and warm on my skin tone, but very bright

Lezbehonest here, my vampire is Angel. #dreamysigh I think I totally know what series I'm gonna be drooling over once I finish Criminal Minds (ugh can someone just buy me Season 8). Obvi I could not resist when you put the word vampire in a damn nail polish name ugh can we talk about colliding weaknesses!?!? So I saw the bottle sitting on the shelf and thought to myself "that's kinda fugly" and then I grabbed the bottle and turned it around "fuck its vampire colour!" and decided it'd look nice. Hahaha.

So I came home with my haul and tried it out. And it was a hot streaky mess and looked WAY to white against my skin. Like no. Helllllllllllll nahhhhhhhh get dat shit OFFAME.

So I put it away and was thinking who I could gift it to.

Until last night (last night a DJ saved my lifeee). I was going to do another saran wrap mani and got everything ready. Lined up my bottles cut up my saran and even had base coat with me. I tried to fix my broken nail (didn't happen) and decided to slap on MVIB.
One coat - fucking streaky mess.
Two coats - looks like someone took streamers through my nails.
Three coats - hmmm... it's kinda levelling out.

OK I LOVE IT. It's totally not what I thought when I originally put it on. Even in the swatches online I didn't like it. I thought it leaned yellowy beige. But no - I mean, listen, it's beige-y alright, BUT it's got the slightest hint of pink in it. Not shimmer or anything but my lord, just the smallest leaning to pink. And it sealed it for me. This colour is bright on my nails and especially with my darker skin, but its so gorg. It doesn't gray me or wash me out and it doesn't look chalky at all.

It seems like a perfect base for nail art as well. I mean once you have it on and levelled out.



OPI - Lights of Emerald City & My Pointe Exactly!

OPI My Pointe Exactly! (MPE)
-    Sheer grey jelly
-    Cool on lighter skin tones but a little warm on mine, wasn't a cold feeling colour at all
OPI Lights of Emerald City (LoEC)
-    Clear based, large white square glitter with iridescent medium glitter

I’m listening to Sleepwalker by Adam Lambert right now as I write this. Kind of depressing song and I think I kind of felt that about this mani – very melancholy and introverted. I loved it. (Jeez can you tell I’m an English major or what).

I’ll be honest, I’ve been lemming after this polish for a while but never bought it (for some reason). So I caved a while ago and bought and was so excited to have it in my hands. It didn’t disappoint… minus the fact I think I mis-applied it.

The Oz collection… now some people hate it, some like it. I personally really liked the soft shades. It’s still Oz but not as typical as you would think. Way artsy-er. My friend first bought Lights of Emerald City and I was like “when the hell are you gonna use square glitter, looks stoopid” and then I had on all these light femme colours and kept dreaming of putting that on top… so I decided to buy it and omg I am so happy I did.



Models Own Tropical Sun Swatch

Models Own, Tropical Sun, swatch

Models Own in Tropical Sun
- - 4 thin coats
- - pink with coral/gold duochrome & silver microglitter
Essie in snap happy
- - 1 thin coat as base for Tropical Sun
- - bold orange, very "spicy"
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

When I was going on a nail polish fix I was searching for a nice orange coral with pink and gold shimmer...so I thought that Tropical Sun by models OWN would be it. Ordered it, saw it in the box and died a little of happiness. Waited a while to try it and now I'm finally swatching it! So last night I reached into my tray of polish and looked at the bottle and fell in love again. *this is also where I did that creepy Mr Grinch smile and laugh*

Then I took it downstairs and opened the bottle and as soon as I lifted the big white top off I saw PINK. Now my eyebrows furrowed and needless to say I was fucking confused. I thought the polish was orange? Not pink? But it's kinda pink with a hint or orange... or is it gold? So I was actually upset. You know you're a freak NPA when your emotions change that much because of a slight difference in expected vs real colour.

So whatever, I got pissed and decided to do it anyways for the benefit of the internet world. And there it was, pink with a goldy coral shimmer and flecks of what I assume is silver microglitter. It was ok, I think the only reason I was disappointed was because I wanted one thing but acquired something else. It looks bomb on my skin tone though so that's not a problem. I imagine if you are even darker it would look even more gorg!



China Glaze Platinum Pearl

Yo yo yooo got some tight white nails for you this post...

Lady Diana Manicure
China Glaze in Platinum Pearl
- - 3 coats
- - pearly silvery-white (so basically platinum pearl....)
NYC in Starry Silver Glitter
- - two coats over PP
- - blue and pink hex glitter with small holographic flitter in a clear base
OPI Top Coat

I've got this weird complex regarding dark skin and light nail polishes, which I don't think is very weird and probably many of you have dealt with it. First off I am usually irate at the fact the sheers seem to be only geared towards lighter skinned peeps so that when I put it on, it looks 10 shades too light and loses the sheer/nude/soft effect I was going for. Then you just wasted $9 on a nailpolish that you can't even wear that often and wish you could return and yada yada yada (insert Seinfeld link here)

And in the middle of all that I have always wanted to own white nail polish and rock it on all 5 fingers bare. But I didn't want to wear it because I thought it would look very juvenile and stupid (not chic and bold like I felt) on my dark skin. It'd be such a contrast!! And even worse, I was afraid of being made fun of for "whiteout nails" - you guys remember back in junior high girls would sit in class and use the whiteout on their nails? Not only did it stink and paint on streaky, it just was something certain types of girls did at my particular junior high (hehe). SO needless to say at the ripe old age of 25 I've finally gotten over it and decided I want to rock some fucking white ass nails.



Nubar Midnight Glory

Sometimes, you get a polish and you're not totally invested in the bottle. So you just go with the flow and decide to try it... that's what happened to me when my sister was in town and she told me she wanted a mani. I for one have never had a manicure done EVER and to be honest I feel really weird getting them...especially with my older sister who loves getting them, I guess I don't get the appeal but she convinced me (more like harassed) to try it before I knock it. So, I decided to go.

So I went to the little nail wall with the all the polishes and saw a light blue one with some shimmer in it and in haste (the manicurist was behind me watching me like a hawk yo) I picked it up and handed it to her. I sat down and my sister looked over and commented on my nail polish choice "Why do you always pick ugly colours?" (I never pick ugly colours -___-) and I said "Dude I don't know it looked nice and summery and I don't have anything close to it." (really I just picked the closest thing to me without paying attn... plus it was one of the only colours there besides pink or red)

And with that the lady painted one coat on my hand... and that coat changed my life. I did a double take as my eyes opened wide, my jaw slightly dropped and I said "Holy shit this is a fucking beautiful colour. LOOK!" and shoved my hand over to my sister who kindly responded with "You like the colour of fungus though."

And thereafter, I fell in love. A light blue, sheer, duochrome with gold shimmer at one angle and pink shimmer at another. The most beautiful colour I've seen in a long time, probably the most beautiful colour I've ever seen on my own hands. If you were to ask me what I imagine heaven to look like I would say that an angel gathered the sun rays coming through clouds and put it in a bottle for me so I don't have to imagine any more. So beautiful. It should be renamed Heaven's Glory not Midnight Glory.

Alas, woe is me. For I cannot find this nail polish anywhere that delivers to Canada. I sincerely hope I can get a bottle of this... two even because it's simply gorgeous. I need, want, will kill for (jk I wouldn't actually...), desire, pine for etc. this bottled heaven... #dreamysigh

pictures after the jump....


I took the plunge

Yee you heard right... I took the plunge and shelled out $50 on stamping paraphernalia.

So hopefully I will be able to use these because the previous set I bought I just could not work at all! But this time I bought a Konad stamper so we shall see what happens!

Happy long weekend - post coming as soon as I have time to sit down!

peace n love