Revlon Top Speed Jaded

Sometimes I see a colour and I become so fixated on it I’ll ask a customer or a random person for the 411. This time I saw it on a coworker at my night job and I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I can express it enough but I NEEDED this colour. It was a perfect mint and it reminded me of the ice cream!!! I’m so sick of seeing that weird blue/green colour I wanted a true light mint jade colour. And to top that it’s a great colour for spring/summer…because where I live it’s just winter or summer so I don’t really follow “seasonal” as it snows in late May haha.

So I went full retard and drove after work to London Drugs and found it and shelled out $7 for it (in hindsight wtf was I thinking). I wasn’t happy with it once I got home. Super awesome dry time – fucking LOVED that aspect of it but I was not having it with the dragging and pooling and goopy mess. It was sad. I’d wear it again but maybe I will put a drop of thinner in there to keep it from getting so thick.

Then I was going to take pictures of this but I went to a book sale and didn’t have cash on me so I put my books in a bag and the dude handed me a permie marker in dark blue. So in my attempt to juggle all the books I wanted and put them in a plastic bag and label it after… I swiped the marker on my nail. I was devastated T_T so that’s what the blue line is

Lady Diana manicure
Revlon Top Speed in Jaded
-         - - Mint crème, way more green than it looks in pics
-          - - Applied 4 coats and 5 on some fingers to even it out
OPI in Pirouette My Whistle (middle & ring finger TC)
-          - - Fine silver glitter with medium white hex glitter
OPI Top Coat

i.                    Quick dry time
ii.                  Summery colour that’s without shimmer (I like that)

i.                    Hard to work with *sigh* so streaky and it dragged - I didn't use a base coat though so it might change
ii.                  *sigh* bad thick formula, but attribute it to being a quick-dry (though my other doesn’t do this). Maybe I just got a shitty bottle?

i.                    I saw this on my Spanish friends hand, she’s lighter than I but still has some brown-ness and it looked amazing on her. I think I like it on me too, it definitely will pop way more the darker your skin tone. My office mate tried mine on and it was very very pastel on her, not as popping. It looked the best on my Spanish friend because the colour came through a lot more, rather than brightness/boldness.
ii.                  I think it’s good, a little bold for the office but such a nice colour.
iii.                 Wore it 4 days at the office and it chipped very little compared to my others so it's longer lasting :)

i.                    I was having tunnel vision once I saw this on my friends hand, I just had to have it that day and I ended up getting mine from London Drugs for $6.99… a little expensive for this particular polish so I recommend you try to buy it on sale.
ii.                  Pretty much any drug store that sells cosmetics will have it, I’ve seen it at: Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, Superstore, London Drugs.

Before I could use my good camera I ended up swiping a permie marker on my hand like an idiot so I decided to just use my blackberry camera for the pics. It’s decent enough…

Revlon Top Speed Jaded swatch
Left hand, blackberry, office flourescent white lighting PRE-SWIPE

Revlon Top Speed Jaded swatch
 Left hand Tim Horton's lighting. Look at that nasty blue marker...

Revlon Top Speed Jaded swatch, OPI Pirouette My Whistle swatch
A closer look at OPI Pirouette My Whistle on top of the Revlon Jaded. My right hand's cuticles are a mess so you get the swipe tastic finger instead :)

  Left hand Tim Horton's lighting

Revlon Top Speed Jaded swatch
I'm a tim's addict!!!!!!!!

Revlon Top Speed Jaded swatch
The bottle, this is very true to life I think... nice colour I love it, don't you? Too bad my bottle is shit. 

Revlon Top Speed Jaded swatch
on my way to second job, got a mall shot for you :)

peace n loveeeee


  1. This colour looks so good on you! I loveee minntttt nailpolishhhhh

    1. ME TOO!!!!!!!! and thanks :)


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