Revlon Top Speed Jaded

Sometimes I see a colour and I become so fixated on it I’ll ask a customer or a random person for the 411. This time I saw it on a coworker at my night job and I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I can express it enough but I NEEDED this colour. It was a perfect mint and it reminded me of the ice cream!!! I’m so sick of seeing that weird blue/green colour I wanted a true light mint jade colour. And to top that it’s a great colour for spring/summer…because where I live it’s just winter or summer so I don’t really follow “seasonal” as it snows in late May haha.

So I went full retard and drove after work to London Drugs and found it and shelled out $7 for it (in hindsight wtf was I thinking). I wasn’t happy with it once I got home. Super awesome dry time – fucking LOVED that aspect of it but I was not having it with the dragging and pooling and goopy mess. It was sad. I’d wear it again but maybe I will put a drop of thinner in there to keep it from getting so thick.

Then I was going to take pictures of this but I went to a book sale and didn’t have cash on me so I put my books in a bag and the dude handed me a permie marker in dark blue. So in my attempt to juggle all the books I wanted and put them in a plastic bag and label it after… I swiped the marker on my nail. I was devastated T_T so that’s what the blue line is

Lady Diana manicure
Revlon Top Speed in Jaded
-         - - Mint crème, way more green than it looks in pics
-          - - Applied 4 coats and 5 on some fingers to even it out
OPI in Pirouette My Whistle (middle & ring finger TC)
-          - - Fine silver glitter with medium white hex glitter
OPI Top Coat