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I thought I'd make a mark on the nail circuit here, since I love nail polish. Now upon first impression this shit does not look like a nail polish blog...but it will be! I am an English major so I couldn't help but resist putting a sexy book as my background... and I usually read while my polish dries anyways.

So my main focus is going to be swatches because I suck ass at patterns and drawings and all that.

I am Indian (parentals are from North India) and I find a lot of my Desi friends are saying "I could never pull that colour off" or "which colour will look good on our skin tone?". And I myself find that I search up different swatches of colours and wonder what it would look on darker skin. I am darker than most but still not super dark - more mediumish I guess (or that's my insecure way of trying not to feel too dark, you know how it is in our culture). So hopefully I can get a few swatches in of different brands because lets be honest, though most colours look spectacular on our skin, some of them just either blend in or make you look ashy.

Any requests or questions please please ask!!!! I love talking so ask me anything!

Peace n love bitches

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