China Glaze United & I Herd That

Alright, here's a post I did on my friend's makeup blog a while back, but I'll reiterate it here.

What's on
China Glaze United
China Glaze I Herd That
Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

i. apply great
ii. no streakiness
iii. glitter spreads out without additional work
iv. subtle

i. if you're a shade or two lighter than me you run the risk of I Herd That blending in with your skin tone
ii. chips easier
iii. they have a gritty texture (which I love) similar to Liquid Sands line from OPI so if you don't like that I'm sure a few thick layers of topcoat can fix it for you

i. great for office because its not bold or overwhelming
ii. classy as fuck so can wear with anything
iii. enough gold/red/pink in the colours that they match well with accessories and clothing :)

I fuckin LOVE these colours because they're subtle yet really glamorous. The glitter they offer is more of a crushed diamonds look rather than here are some huge ass pieces of bling that'll blind you when I walk into a room.

+1 for the fact they are easy to remove!!!! I just used a cotton ball and removed, NO FOIL NEEDED. I kid you not.

Here are some pics yo:

china glaze united
Excuse my dry ass hands plz. This is United.  Looks pinker on the bottle than it did on my hand but its gorgeous on. If you have Pom Pom by CG, it's paler in pink than that (and way easier to remove).

china glaze united
United for a purpose, is from the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection.

china glaze i herd that
This one is I Herd That, part of the On Safari collection from 2012.

china glaze i herd that
 I imagine it will be good for layering over another colour...

china glaze i herd that swatch
 Left hand, flash.

china glaze i herd that swatch
Left hand, no flash.

china glaze united swatch
Right (dry ass) hand, flash.

china glaze united swatch
Right hand, no flash.

One of my favourite nail colour combos. Subtle and swanky, fuckin love it.

peace n love



Yo yo yooooooooooo,

I thought I'd make a mark on the nail circuit here, since I love nail polish. Now upon first impression this shit does not look like a nail polish blog...but it will be! I am an English major so I couldn't help but resist putting a sexy book as my background... and I usually read while my polish dries anyways.

So my main focus is going to be swatches because I suck ass at patterns and drawings and all that.

I am Indian (parentals are from North India) and I find a lot of my Desi friends are saying "I could never pull that colour off" or "which colour will look good on our skin tone?". And I myself find that I search up different swatches of colours and wonder what it would look on darker skin. I am darker than most but still not super dark - more mediumish I guess (or that's my insecure way of trying not to feel too dark, you know how it is in our culture). So hopefully I can get a few swatches in of different brands because lets be honest, though most colours look spectacular on our skin, some of them just either blend in or make you look ashy.

Any requests or questions please please ask!!!! I love talking so ask me anything!

Peace n love bitches